Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Spirit of the Law

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder which court the Lame Cherry would apply to, to discover which one is allowing surveillance on the Lame Cherry, as posting things concerning the flappy labia of Ivanka, really causes this laptop to run hot.



As a hint to the Justices and the Courts, as the Obama regime used British MI6 to spy on Donald Trump and Trump Tower to avoid it leaving any traces in this coup against candidate Trump, the Andrew McCabe FBI is simply going to subvert the Courts again, by running an "associative" data collection from another source, and in the last case it was a symbiotic relationship with foreign intelligence doing the spying.
Understand the FBI can put up as many Stingray cell phone spoofers and fly planes around non stop gathering your conversations, but if some naughty MI6 grabs the data, and the FBI 'discovers' that data from the MI6, then the Courts have been subverted again.

Watch Bleak House by Charles Dickens sometime in inquiries being in process for a lifetime, just as Paul Manafort has been investigated for 11 years.

.........and then again there are always the AT&T and other hubs and satellites which are not covered in this ruling, and feed information non stop to the NSA which logs it all, and anyone in any regime can access those conversations.

The Courts have numerous rulings about rights, but one has yet to see anyone in the deep state obeying the Spirit of the Law.

*Robert Mueller obtained court orders for Facebook concerning "Russian hacking". In past investigations, that means if you viewed something in 7 degrees of separation, the FBI was gathering your information, in the Bundy example.

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Ivanka the Victim of being too much the Woman

After a night with Tom Brady, this is me with my legs closed.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry must apologize to Ivanka Trump Kushner, sorry Jael Ivanka, as that is her chosen Jewish name and there must always be great pains taken to insure that Ivanka, who converted to some form of Jewry where the husband trades to the Chinese on the Trump name, and Ivanka blows up Syrian children to save Syrian children in Tomahawk attacks, is not one of the listed Jewish sects, but all the same, Jael Ivanka must be respected especially now that we know she is mentally disturbed and providing even more disturbing blow up the world advice in the White House, than skinhead Herbert McMaster.

We know that Ivanka Kushner is mentally unbalanced every time her menstrual flow begins, because that is what she told Dr. Oz.

Ivanka Trump reveals struggle with postpartum depression - CNN

After the births of each of her three children, Ivanka Trump says during an interview for "The Dr. Oz Show," she struggled with postpartum depression.

The disturbing part in the Jael Ivanka Kushner confession to Dr. Oz, was this quote in which Ivanka says she was depressed in she was not like other pathetic women who had child bearing pains and went through the natural process of bring life into this world. No Ivanka Trump Kushner, sorry Jael Ivanka Trump Kushner had 3 child birthing experiences which were like like launching a bottle rocket down the gaping tunnel of love.

"It was a very challenging emotional time for me because I felt like I was not living up to my potential as a parent or as an entrepreneur and executive," Trump said. "I had had such easy pregnancies that in some way, the juxtaposition hit me even harder."

So to understand this, Ivanka Trump was depressed that she was not dealing with morning sickness, pre labor pains, labor pains and post labor pains, as it was all easy for her, compared to other lesser wombs who were not superior, master race woman like Ivanka, Jael Ivanka Trump Kushner.

Yes other women were depressed in worrying about their child's life, depressed if they could be good parents, depressed in normal things, but Jael Ivanka was depressed because everything came easy to her.
In forensic psychology that would be be defined as a psychosis linked to delusions of grandeur, but this is Jael Ivanka, the woman who chose as her namesake the woman who drives spikes into men's skulls, we have presented before us.

Ivanka Suffers from Tom Brady Cock Withdrawal

I was pondering about this in Jael Ivanka having such an easy time of things, and then it hit me, as there could only be one answer, and it was because Anthony Scaramucci was right. I know that Mike Cernovich and Matt Drudge did not cover this story or Tweet on it, that Jael Ivanka Kushner was getting Tom Brady's big dong rammed into her every opening, but considering Ivanka's confession to Dr. Oz, about easy child birth, there is only one reason, and that is not her petite penis husband Jared.

 Hi, my name is Jared, I can attest that Tom Brady's manhood
is bigger than me when I stand up straight and stick my breasts out.

The answer and reason is Tom Brady's Long Dong Shiver, his Hail Merry, his Blitzkrieg, his RU Ready for some Tom Ball, that made all the difference. Tom Brady is the man who makes child birth easy. Tom Brady, is like Ivanka was Bridges of Madison County covered bridge, and then Tom came along and she was a 16 lane California express highway with off ramps. I swear it must be like Ivanka thinks about sneezing and her depends are full, as Tom Brady's manhood made Ivanka Trump, the Wind Cave, the Marianas Trench, the Grand Canyon of woman nethers.

Hi, I'm Tom Brady, women who have had me in them, know that
a 20 pound baby is nothing compared to Big Hands Tom

Tom Brady made things easy for Ivanka, too easy, by her being easy, and for that he should get a medal. The Lame Cherry submits that Tom Brady should get a Donald Trump Presidential Medal of Freedom for making Donald Trump's grandchildren enter the world easy.
From the sounds of it, those kids must have shot out of Ivanka like a big league fast ball, and the doctor needed a catcher's mitt, knee pads, a wet suit and a nurse to hold him up, as the force of that kid hitting the glove coming out of Ivanka was like a moon rocket from 1968. That poor doctor still probably wakes up in cold sweats screaming he is being drown by Ivanka Trump. Talk about a real Pissgate dossier.
Say you don't suppose the doctors at Ivanka's hospital call her Rosebud as the Pissgate do you like Citizen Kane?

Any way, to help women still laboring under Obamacare, I say Tom Brady needs to market his dong with some instructions for lesser women than Ivanka Trump to help them in child birth. Something like, "No more than 20 strokes a day or junior of the womb, might shoot out like Kim Jong Un missile and end up in the Sea of Japan.
Mr. Brady could do a model for his appendage, and it could be on the market from like Johnson and Johnson in a few weeks and having babies would be like spitting watermelon seeds out. A woman could have a 35 pound whopper child, and after a Tom Brady treatment, that kid would come out like greased lightning.

So we must all apologize to Ivanka Trump,  I mean Jael Ivanka Kushner, because she was not trying to tell women that they did not measure up to her standards, but that they all should get dicked by Tom Brady, so they too could have easy child birth, and be like those disturbed New York women lopping off their big Jew noses to be more like Ivanka in plastic surgery before  she lopped off her big Slavic nose.


 Hi, I am Bossie the Holstein cow. Ivanka does with two tits
what I can only do with four!!!!

The only thing I did not understand, is .......well Ivanka is the Holstein cow of women. I mean she has tits the size of a dairy cow after her fifth calf. I know they are all silicon, but all the same, she never mentioned about being depressed in milking too much. I would think the udders she carries around that she could have nursed half of Washington maternity ward and still had enough for the Chinese market to turn a profit. Apparently being a heavy millker does not depress Ivanka, but then again maybe she hired some fat Mexican as they are always good milkers and Ivanka wants lots of them Mexican mama's in America, so all those silicon boobs do not look like a knee sock with a softball swinging around in them, when they go braless.
That at least is something Tom Brady's big cock can not cure in making saggy mams filled with silicon balls look normal, but then again Ivanka is not depressed about that, nor her big thighs as she works on her Michelle Obama two zip code size ass.

That though is another subject, but let us all agree that Jael Ivanka is better than all of us, and she should not feel depressed about being the master race and that not all of us have numerous penis in our nethers, stretching us to the size of .........well a Hereford cow who is on her 8th calf.

Ivanka Trump, the victim of being too much the woman.

On a serious note in addition to the satire, Ivanka Kushner literally said this in public, and it never occurred to her how condescending she was to all women, because that is her entire psyche of there is Ivanka in the Ivory Tower and then there are the rest of you two legged primate.

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A Lot of Money Goes a Little ways

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Headlines mean things.

The Latest: Fed to reduce its $4.5 trillion balance sheet

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Latest on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy meeting (all times local):
2 p.m.
The Federal Reserve says it will start in October to gradually unwind its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, which expanded to unprecedented levels in efforts to spur economic growth after the 2008 financial crisis.
The balance sheet primarily consists of government and mortgage-backed bonds. As the bonds mature, the Fed plans to spend less money each month to replace them, which reduces the balance sheet. The U.S. central bank intends to spend $10 billion less on bonds beginning next month, a figure that will eventually reach $50 billion a month in October 2018.

What the above gobbledegook translates as is Obama and Trump pumped 4.5 trillion dollars in borrowed debt to inflate the stock market. This is how Amazon became Obama's one house conglomerate displacing hometown sellers, in billionaires got free money, to pump into their stocks, expand business, as they could service the debt by reselling stocks at inflated prices.
It is a house of cards.

With Mr. President, a great deal of trending was for the conglomerates to buy back their stocks, to invest their own money back into their corporations, so they do not have to make dividend payments out to geezer in their retirements. It is a greater return to not pay out high stock dividends by owning their own stock, than leaving it in banks overseas earning nothing.

Now that you understand this, it is not the fact that the foreign financiers who own the Fed are reducing their 4.5 trillion in debt, as that is absolutely unimportant at the meager levels of reduction of 120 billion dollars per year, but the shock will be graduating to  600 billion in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord which is approaching a trillion dollars a year pulled out.
This is the corporates funneling free money  back into the Treasury for this fake expansion or Obama recovery.

Money is like air, take it out of a balloon and it deflates. Take money out of the markets and the markets begin going down. You witness signs of this in the dollar is plunging. Take the money away enough though, and the dollar plunging begins to rise as there are fewer dollars. That brings less US trade in the following years.

The corporations are setting themselves up to protect themselves by purchasing their stocks. Stocks plunge, and people dump them,  people dump them and they fall further. This protects corporations from going to pennies on the dollar.

What this means to poor people is the Trump inflation of high food and fuel prices, being blamed on hurricanes, which is a farce, is that for geezers, their retirement accounts in stocks will be reduced in out payments. This means money supply will continue to constrict, meaning no small business expansion. The Trump recovery will not appear, even with Mr. Trump's massive fictional tax breaks, because people are carrying so much debt, they will be stuck paying it off. You can not buy new cars and appliances when your 250,000 dollar house is going down to 100,000, and no one wants to buy it from the Curry or Pinto Niggers Mr. Trump is trading in.

The pirates of energy will profit as Mr. Trump has assisted them, and so will the bankers again. There comes a time when the United States in Donald Trump can not import enough of these goddamn foreign vermin to pump money into Walmart and car dealers to give that debt bubble an expansion. There is not any money in the United States since the Congressional and White House looters took 3 trillion dollars more out of the US economy in Obama taxes, Obamacare and inflation food and fuel prices in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord. It is why prices are falling on property and goods, and it will continue to fall.

There is 100 trillion in toxic house debt. This will compound again, unless Mr. President does a Bush Obama and bails out banks to hang onto real estate again.

What this points to is:

Stocks down
Real estate down
Dollar down
Wages down

Inflation up as corporations attempt to make up the shortfalls
Silver and Gold up in a bubble
Bond debt up as investors seek sound reserves
Energy prices up

So 9 years of Obama Trump Quantitative Easing enriched the 1%, and looted the world. It built massive armies in Eurasia and added two hydrogen bomb additions in Iran and North Korea. It will now in this massive debt be transferred to you the taxpayer as 1929 and 2008.

What will follow will be plunder, a factor of global depression, and as history repeats, a war will be initiated to cover up all this looting as the repository of Eurasian gold will be necessary to be annexed to balance accounts. (Balance accounts means the United States becomes the Great Britain 3rd world hog sty)

Enough of this joy.

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There is no Running Away from a World in a Grave

It is an endless procession of surprises. The expected rarely occurs and never in the expected manner.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After witnessing the two day performance of Donald Trump, representing the United States as President at the United Nations, I wonder what it was that John Bolton heard and saw in that performance to state it was so wonderful.

Mr. Trump gave a good 2016 AD in the year of our Lord campaign speech, but his actions the past 8 months were the antithesis of what he declared at the United Nations. Mr. Trump was advocating for a more evolved version of the UN, meaning global control  and then went on a verbal rampage against Venezuela stating socialism was a failure (America is even more socialist under Mr. Trump), drawing lines the couscous with nuclear Iran and drawing lines in the kimchi with nuclear North Korea.
What I witnessed was not a Jean Kirkpatrick from President Ronald Reagan's Administration of calling out the Evil Empire of the Soviets and global repression as Mr. Reagan sought to pass laws liberating Americans and liberating Eastern Europe, but instead was a self righteous diatribe of Ambassador Nikki Haley in creating the Divided Nations, instead of United Nations.

Over the past almost year, the world has witnessed Ambassador Haley in constant outrage, first it is Russia, then it is North Korea, then it is Russia, then it is declaring she could not wait to hand off her failed diplomacy to Sec. of Defense Mattis to start a nuclear war.
In the past the United Nations was a Susan Rice and Samantha Power, feckless representation which no one paid the slightest attention to, but in Nikki Haley's case, instead of being feckless, her skill is being a global divider to the old Cold War fronts of repressive regimes, protected by Russia and China, in order to protect themselves from this globalist annexation backed with American weapons.

The Lame Cherry wills take you back to a time which is now really, to time most of you who are old enough have forgotten and those who are young, have no idea of. It was a time the Cold War, where America went to the Olympics, the West voted correctly, the Soviet Bloc all voted against America, and some 'neutral" Swedes would pontificate how honest they were in handing in most cases gold medals over to the Soviets so Russia would not nuke them.

The United Nations was the same animal. Absolutely nothing ever was accomplished of substance, as today. There were mock votes of this and that, but when it came down to real world problems, it was America or the Soviets abstaining or voting no.

Then Ronald  Reagan appointed someone,  an old fat man, a general to the United Nations, and within weeks, the Russians and Chinese started voting with the Americans. I have featured this man before in Vernon Walters, who was the Bismark of American Diplomacy in no one achieved results like this diplomat for the good of America and the world.

Vernon A. Walters - Wikipedia

Vernon A. Walters (January 3, 1917 - February 10, 2002) was a United States Army officer and a diplomat. Most notably, he served from 1972 to 1976 as Deputy ...

Vernon Walters was a product of World War II. He was genius literally. He spoke more languages and controlled any room of diplomats with the guiding hand never felt. He could be in a room, carrying on a conversation of intense exchange, while listening in French to other conversations to keep a count of  exactly what every diplomat was saying.

One of the major reasons, there was never a nuclear war, and the Soviet Union quietly went away, is from Vernon Walters ability as the best diplomat in the world.

That is why when I witness Donald Trump again having cemented the divided world which Bush fam and Barack Obama dumped upon the world, in a world where China and Russia are protecting despots, who for the most part are funneling a cut to the globalist banks in Europe to keep their heads, I see absolutely nothing in this to cheer about, but lament the destruction of Ambassador Vernon Walters and President Ronald Reagan's diplomacy.
When I examine the history in the immense divide of nuclear powers and billions of people, and realize what it took from Vice President Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, George Schultz and Vernon Walters to heal the disasters of John Kennedy at Bay of Pits, Jimmy Carter in Afghanistan, Bill Clinton bombing Chinese  in Kosovo, the Bush's creating the monsters of Kremlin and Peking wrath, as Obama proved to the Russians and Chinese that he was more murderous and untrustworthy than they were accused of, I desire each of you to comprehend that all of this goodwill which the best America ever produced in the modern era is ceasing nuclear weapons pointed at Americans, is gone, and American have been shoved right back to the insanity, and Mr. President did nothing to alleviate the disaster of Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson, but took the locks off the nuclear buttons of other nations.

The Lame Cherry detests the United Nations. The Lame Cherry would love to see America out of the United Nations and that corrupt order booted back to Europe. The Lame Cherry though in all of this understands the necessity of George Washington diplomacy in John Jay being firm as Ronald Reagan had a firm and functional diplomacy with Vernon Walters, but Donald Trump and Nikki Haley provided nothing American in their nuclear flame thrower rhetoric.

It befuddles the mind to hear Donald Trump denounce socialism when that is all he is joined to, in getting rid of all of the Loyalists. It astounds me to listen to Donald Trump denounce Iran and North Korea on nuclear weapons, when it was Americans who handed over nuclear weapons to both nations, and if you remember that beautiful chocolate cake at Mar Largo for Kushner profits, Donald Trump is the one who told the Chicoms all America was engaged in, so China helped North Korea advance to hydrogen bombs and ICBM missiles.
Donald Trump is the father by that Pentagon profiteer globalist Herbert McMaster, of the North Korean hydrogen bomb, by his failed policies.
Yet Mr. Trump views the world a moron race as Ivanka views Trump supporters as morons, that they can say anything and no one will comprehend what absolute fallacy it all is.

As a Trump voter and the person God chose to rewrite the time line to elect Donald Trump, the Lame Cherry declares this is important when America is at the threshold that nuclear warfare is being openly and covertly discussed, and that Donald Trump, Nikki  Halley and Rex Tillerson have effectively buried the Ronald Reagan and Vernon Walter's diplomacy, by cementing into place the Obama Order of the Neo Cold War in the 21st century.

This is not some Stephen Colbert leftist rant of absolute no intellect nor substance. This is the reality of the situation in each of you is becoming an enhanced nuclear target daily, due to the absolute lack of diplomacy in the Trump Junta. Doing absolutely NOTHING, America would have been better off than what Donald Trump for Ivanka Brand and Pentagon profit for the globalist raw resources trade has accomplished.

This is the reality, and is not any time to be sucked into blind patriotism as everyone has been whether it was George W. Bush or Barack Hussein Obama, because the world is a nuclear target, and no one in the United States voted for this in 2016 AD in the year of our  Lord.

None of this is by accident and is by deliberate design, and that is what makes it most disturbing. Regrettably again, no one of substance is taking this apart and alerting Americans as to what is taking place, save the Lame Cherry.

There are absolutely no Vernon Walters to save America from this. The Lame Cherry is the lone voice of peaceful reason. It is what it is, and those are the facts.

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Bad Movie Review : Last Action Hero

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this series of movies being reviewed, the posts are out of sequence, but I can honestly say that out of all of these movies, I hated this one with Arnold Schwartzenegger worst.

Last Action Hero is like watching television, flicking the remote and all you hit are the commercials.

To make this more revulsive as a new word between revulsion and repulsive, this is like watching the worst actor ever in George Clooney mug for the camera in Ocean's 11 trying to be cool like Dean Martin.

It is a strung together stupdi movie, with hosts of cameos with actors not good enough actors to make you forget how much you want your life back after wasting time on this movie.

There is one bright spot in this movie. No it is not Joaquin Phoenix accidentally captured on screen as he was being cool having a smoke and no  it was not Jan Michael Vincent the official donation collector of the Lame Cherry captured downing a smooth Hamm's beer,


as both of them would have made this movie a cinematic masterpiece, but the bright spot was Bridgette Wilson Sampras appearing.


Mrs. Sampras in her small role almost salvages this movie, as only she could in being a beautiful Patriot, Christian, Right Wing American in real life, but when one has something like 140 minutes of Arnold and cameos which are George Clooney B grade, 4 minutes of Bridgette Wilson Sampras can not salvage something this bad.


The Lame Cherry thankfully includes BWS in the fine company of JP and JMV, as all film and television would be resurrected if they simply were cast in all productions.

This is sincerely is me stretching this bad movie with gorgeous chic photos as filler, as there is nothing in this Arnold Schwartzenegger worth the space of the review. It gets worse at the end as you see the kid with the movie reel guy at the theater with Arnold's shadow outside the door, and then Arnold appears after two frames.

I think this movie was a crappy as that Twins with Danny Devito. If you want to watch a good kid's movie, go find UP in that cartoon as that is a good kid's movie.
Russell is hilarious for even adults and there is grand adventure.

 Russell is also a better actor than George Clooney.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ivanka Suffers from Tom Brady Cock Withdrawal

Most men are 10 cc, Jared was 2 cc
but when it comes to Tom Brady, 
I'm Mr. Deluge Big Gulp Meter Man


Experts caution against Tom Brady dietary hydration...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in Lame Cherry matter anti matter.

Well it is official in Ivanka Kushner has confessed  to Dr. Oz, that she is suffering from dehydration, low sodium, low protein in being married to Jared Kushner, as she deals with Tom Brady Cock Withdrawal. 

Ivanka Trump reveals struggles with postpartum depression on 'DR. OZ'...

Yes we should all forget about Ivanka's plotting against Christians, her infidelities, her betrayal of America, because suddenly Ivanka is a victim, well at least when she is not posing as President at the United Nations and hiding behind children in photo ops in trying to soften her Trumpenfuror image.
Yes Ivanka PPD comes and goes, but her inability to deal with not having Tom Brady's massive erection and the massive deluge of his fluids re hydrating her is something which depresses her.

I'M NOT IN LOVE - 10cc - YouTube

10cc - I'm not in love (complete version) (video/audio edited & restored) HQ/HD - Duration: 6:04. Retro Channel Anglo 228,135 views. 6:04.
*For those who are not aware 10 cc is the amount of semen the average man produces upon ejaculating. Now you get the satire.
The thing is Ivanka Kushner can dream up these publicity stunts which take weeks to set up, and comedy can shred her bogus stories in a few minutes of typing, which sets the narrative. Her scheming and plotting is not working......and she is starting to recycle material in her putting Trump voters first.
Cheers Ivanka, here's a Tom Brady Big Gulp for you.
Nuff Said


The Neo Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Yes it feels exactly like what you think
and I've had my hands on more than Donald Trump has grabbed pussy


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am beginning to enjoy the Hillary Clinton Blame Game Tour, because she is getting the hang of being Donald Trump in she comes up with something more  crazy each day. She is hitting her mark now in talking about Vladimir Putin's gigantic testicles and cutting First Lady Melania Trump down to size for not pistol whipping bullies.

Hillary´s new beef: Putin´s manspreading

American Thinker, by Monica Showalter    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 9/20/2017 11:06:05 PM     Post Reply
As if sexism, Bernie Sanders, James Comey, the Russians, and all the other things she blames her election loss on weren´t enough to complain about, Hillary Clinton has another thing she´d like you to know about: Putin is a manspreader. The former secretary of state confided to talk show host Stephen Colbert last night that the Russian president is a dreadful sexist, and one way she knows it is in his bad habit of "manspreading," or, as New York subway riders know, sitting with one´s legs apart on a crowded subway so as to take up two seats.

Hillary Clinton says First
Lady Melania Trump isn’t doing
enough to tackle cyberbullying

New York Daily News, by Elizabeth Elizalde    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 9/20/2017 10:13:54 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton said First Lady Melania Trump isn’t doing enough to tackle cyberbullying. “No, no and, look, I don´t think anybody is doing enough on cyberbullying,” Clinton told Mic when asked if she thought Trump had enforced her platform. Trump condemned cyberbullying in her first United Nations speech in New York City on Wednesday. “We must come together for the good of our children,” she said. “Therefore, we must teach each child the values of empathy and communication that are at the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity and leadership, which can only be taught by example.”

The way this is going, I am starting to appreciate Hillary Clinton, because is she going to be dangling her grandkids off the balcony like Michael Jackson did or is she going to go Muslim and use her SUV to start running over ......well men or maybe she will be eating dogs like the Chinese.
Hillary Clinton just is hitting her mark. It is too bad that she never figured out how to say these things in 2016. I mean she started off really pussy in blaming Bernie and Huma, but I like this new Hillary as we need more cock talk and more of this pistol whipping bratty punks.

I figure tomorrow she will talk about Kim Jong Un's erection size being made up for in missiles and showing us her hands to prove she has a big twat the size of the grand canyon that Bill Clinton could dive into, and play a few rounds of golf and smoke a cigar.

The thing is Mrs. Clinton needs to shed herself of pussies like Stephen Colbert, as he is just too fag. She needs some street tough fags like Herbert McMaster........there is an idea, she can lather up Herbert and shave his head as he sings "You don't own Me"

Klaus Nomi — You Don't Own Me — Listen, watch, download and ...

Watch the video, get the download or listen to Klaus Nomi - You Don't Own Me for free. You Don't Own Me appears on the album Klaus Nomi. Discover more music, gig ...'t+Own+M