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When American Pretend Creates American Monsters

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It seems the washed up career of Jim Carey has sunk to new dimensions as the  wrongful death of a woman he was having sex with is not as low as Carey can go, as Carey has been "painting" with an obsession it appears, in making derogatory facsimiles of White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and now fronting a common theme which John Brennan and Kurt Eichenwald have stooped to in comments focused on Christofascists and damning Christians because they do not join in the stoning of Donald Trump.

This is the artwork which Jim Carey posted concerning Mrs. Sanders.

 Understand in forensic psychology what Carey just did. From his place on the Mount, he has judged Donald Trump wicked. This is most interesting as Erick Erickson calls Trump "Cheeto Jesus" in another derogatory slur, Kurt Eichenwald retweets those hate posts, and now  a Christian woman is a "monster" as subhuman, and in Nazism the next step would be to exterminate that subhumans of the mud people doctrine.

Mrs. Sanders father weighed in correctly with this comment.

What interests this forensic examination is thee amount of time and work that Carey invested in this hate work. It reminds one of Sean Penn, making an Ann Coulter doll, and then putting his cigarette out in her vagina to burn her there in retaliation.
Carey has invested hours if not days in this hate and it is only festering a worse mania inside of him, as you do remember he was stoking the North Korean nuclear attack on Hawaii, for political leverage not long ago.

It is not Mrs. Sanders alone that is the fixation of Jim Carey in this obsession, as Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, with again degrading humans as "flying monkeys" subhumans to be dealt with which is a theme of Carey's hate work.

This is unhinged in linking the Wicked Witch of the West to Donald Trump who was a woman, makes zero gender sense, but again, this hate work just does not happen in moments. Carey is unleashing a great deal of emotional time in this, his troubled soul.
What is fascinating in this are the "You may also like", in one wonders what Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen the lezbo, Oprah the lezbo and Leonardo the man whore, would have to say in Twitter linking them to this insanity and hatred of women.

In glancing at Carey's site, to get background for this article, I came across something stunning in the racism of Jim Carey and the reality is, Jim Carey has placed this as his headline photo as cover for how superior he is to all others, as he wants to put Martin King on Mount Rushmore.
Never mind that Rushmore was for Presidents and not un elected civilians, but ask yourself why is Carey not promoting Barack Hussein Obama for Mount Rushmore? The answer is Obama let Carey down and Carey is returning to "his black roots" of what a Black man should be.

I looked at the artwork that Carey may have created, but look at Dr. King closely and see if you notice how Jim Carey sees Martin King. It should be evident below that Jim Carey sees Dr. King as a butt lips nigger, and not the portrait which Martin King preferred in not making him have the stereotypical botox butt lips.

In that, what is the forensic psychology of Jim Carey that he sees Blacks as large browed, big nosed, nigger lipped fat faced darkies. This is what Jim Carey chose to place as the reflection of his superiority and the shield to attack Christians.
In Jim Carey, the portrait is racism in the worst form in how he sees others, and Christian women as monsters to be dealt with as the Nazi did the Jew. You will notice in whether it is Christian Dr. King, Sarah Sanders or the flying monkeys of Trump and Putin, that all people are viewed as subhuman from Jim Carey's psychological manifestations in art.

Jim Carey appears to be having a mental breakdown in not being able to deal with modern reality, as he in real time is hiding behind a mountain man recluse beard or has chosen a 1920's Pee Wee Herman type of silent cinema of a simpler time of black face paint, where women knew their places and the fantasy of the yellow brick road would always bring you home.
And once again these photos just are not taken in the backyard, but require hours of makeup to create and shoot. That is an obsession and a distancing from a reality which the person can no longer deal with.


Troubling is what that is, and troubling are the people who hate Donald Trump and Christians who were lining up on Carey's Twitter page to defend the indefensible. America has numbers of broken souls in the idle rich and they are attracting myriads of other broken souls which being Christless has made their existence hollow and empty.

Of all the people in the Trump sphere to attack in a woman, and make her ugly, a monster, a subhuman, simply because she is rising to the occasion in putting Jim Acosta and other harpies of the left in place, sends another message of that era which Carey longs for in where women knew their places, just like Blacks.

There is a troubling undertone in all of this, in the verbiage is focused on judging Christians and persecuting them. This group is getting away with this, and they are hearing it from somewhere in their private circles and it is building in the violation of American Rights.

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The Good Sown Always Remains

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sometimes forget about the good this blog does, but tonight the Viking and Captain Kirk, being too hard on themselves to remind me that God can make dirt into something, so a turd like me, God should be able to do something with the likes of me.
They didn't put it quite like that, but considering the games some brat pull in thinking that the coming nuclear weapons are going to favor them, I do get fed with all of this daily grind that all of you are stuck with too.
The main thing is for the good people, always remember, that as St. Paul teaches by the Holy Ghost, we all die to our sins yesterday and are born again in Christ with each new day to prefection.

I have wanted to write about wee baby apple seedlings and received this letter which brought a smile to my face in reminding me the good which is done here. I have been thinking about apples as I discovered something by God's Grace.

Dear LC,

On January 20, 2018 I prepared Pink Lady seeds as per your instructions and three are sprouting since March 15. Also put up Honey Crisp seeds on February 7, 2018. I am perusing all of your apple posts to be ready for what may come. I just saw your post with the myriad of apple varieties, a whole new world for me.

The deer stripped and killed my two year old little orchard of apples, pears and berries in 2015 so it will be a challenge to plant and cage the anticipated little trees.

Thank you so much for the inspiration and knowledge to make this wonderful project possible.

We have been wanting Evercrisp apples and somewhere in this I was told I could get some trees, but then a surprise told me I had to join some group, pay royalties on the trees for 20 years and I think have to be a member for 20 years. I have no idea what the fees were on the membership as the site was not working. I figured though if it was 20 bucks, it was going to cost me over 400 dollars for an apple.
I have concluded that I am not that enamored of these apples.

TL found a split Evercrisp seed and said I should plant it. I of course frowned as this of course would not work, especially as I let it dry out, and then of course it grew. I have named it after Jesus and it is doing well.

Out of decent apples at the store, we have been getting the weekly sales which the last batch tasted like battery acid stored in the cellar. So of course, that apple was full of sprouted and cracked seeds, and at this point about 5 of them are trying to grow  into trees.
TL thinks they are Pink Lady which is a zone 5 apple and as we knock around zone 3 sometimes, we will see what will come of it.

I am thinking that apple seeds might sprout better if opened a bit, even cut by accident if the seeds are not completely damaged, They definitely will sprout if the pips are split, but I conclude they need to be stuck in the soil immediately.
I just use Dairy Queen containers I picked out of the trash, bore a hole for drainage and I cover the top with a bit of plastic to keep things greenhouse. Just do not set them in the sun like this all day as I almost cooked Jesus.

I know there was a nice man in Canada who mentioned about sprouting apple seeds a few years ago, and I wonder how much better the world will be changed in the apples being sprouted from the information here. I think Pink Lady and Honeycrisp are a good combination, like Firesides and Prairie Spy, a sweet apple and a clean tasting apple.
I do know that of the few dozen Evercrisp apples I will be sprouting these seeds which are not royalty or membership fees required. What I like best is knowing that these trees will grow from 25 to 75 years. They will be with Jesus in the millennium. That part I like knowing, like being Noah stepping of the ark and finding a new world, but the apple trees will remain.

The good sown always remains.


The Despot of China

Think of me as a leader who freely destroys your lives, liberates you
from your liberty and frees you from enjoying your lives!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder why it is that Asian hating is acceptable, along with Asians being allowed to violate all principles of human rights, and everyone just shrugs and thinks, "Well that is them slant eyes, so they just do not know any better".

The subject of this is the dictator Xi, Donald Trump's best chocolate eating partner in Kushner crimes, who just outdid Chairman Mao in making himself dictator for life. Even Vladimir Putin, nor any Soviet Premier had that kind of power taken, and yet when Xi grabs that kind of power, the United States files no protest nor does it raise the concern of human rights, as China is not a communist rule, but a Despot rule now.

If you missed it, Xi has ordered a new enlightenment of crackdowns in crimes against the state. The new rulings are expanding on the old rulings, but come with a new stigma of not Enemy of the State, but a Social Credit System, as that sounds more palatable.

What the SCS  details are a series of "crimes"and the rights of the Chinese citizen taken away in their not being able to fly or travel. Novel approach putting everyone to foot, sort of like Glenn Campbell in True Grit who wanted to get rid of horses as putting criminals afoot would make less criminals.

The move is in line with President’s Xi Jinping’s plan to construct a social credit system based on the principle of “once untrustworthy, always restricted”, said one of the notices which was signed by eight ministries, including the country’s aviation regulator and the Supreme People’s Court.
China has flagged plans to roll out a system that will allow government bodies to share information on its citizens’ trustworthiness and issue penalties based on a so-called social credit score.

There were already over 6 million Chinese citizens on this wear your shoes out list, which is interesting as the crimes were listed as follows:

People who would be put on the restricted lists included those found to have committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism and causing trouble on flights, as well as those who used expired tickets or smoked on trains, according to two statements issued on the National Development and Reform Commission’s website on Friday.
Those found to have committed financial wrongdoings, such as employers who failed to pay social insurance or people who have failed to pay fines, would also face these restrictions, said the statements which were dated March 2.

So the big crime in China are being a gossip, being a pest, being poor and using old travel tickets an smoking cigarettes. There is also not paying Obamacare fines and people who are not paying fines because they are poor, for that Xi says you get to walk for a year.

China is a place where you simply can not move places for a job or anything else. They keep tight controls on people going places as it is best to have poor people die in the country where no one can see them dead. It is a point of how ludicrous China is, equal to New York telling people how much sugar they can eat and Washington taxing soda. It will not be that long that American despots will rise to Social Credit Scores, like they use driving points to raise your insurance prices.

For America that will mean Facebook will be flagging your accounts for all sorts of things as you get SCS points taken from you, and I suppose there will just be fines or slave labor camps, as that is all Americans are interested in is money and prisons, as they could care less who is going somewhere......unless of course it is out of the country as America is now a vast gulag of needing passports.

It is heartening that 6 million Chinese are on this travel ban list as it is sad, that the number is not 600 million in protesting this regime, but who like Ronald Reagan will stand up for the Refuseniks of China the way Reagan did for them in the Soviet Union.

People have the inherent right by their Creator to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Punishments need to fit crimes. No regime can deny liberty just because they smoke a cigarette, but then how many infringements are upon Americans from seat belt laws to TSA searches that are the same travel bans, proving Americans are not any different than the chopstick users.

Tyranny is the definition of communist, now despot China. It has consumed it's youth in factories which have crippled them, butchered their girl babies by the millions and destroyed Christian Churches, while the only narrative out of Washington DC is praise for destruction of government by the people and praise for dictators.

Trump Praises Chinese President For Extending Tenure 'For ...

Trump Praises Chinese President ... for life like Xi Jinping is the most ... until President Franklin Roosevelt was elected a record four ...

 Donald Trump can find time to talk about tariffs on China on trade with fines. What about the principles of human rights which are denied the Chinese? It is difficult though when Mr. Trump is calling for the same denial of rights to Americans in a growing list of infringements.

Human Rights are a foreign policy issue, for by them Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union and set hundreds of millions of people to travel and determine their own destinations and future. This is an issue which matters and it matters because when Chinese are denied their rights, it puts Chinese into low wage jobs which destroy American jobs.  It is all interconnected and just like Obama was training children to force them to work in their communities for student loans, there will come a time for SCS which will put everyone on watch lists and make them felons so their firearms will be confiscated.

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Andrew McCabe and the Snowflake Time Out

I'm feeling very vulnerable now, can I please have my snowflake snack
and play dough in my time out period?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reading the stunning defense of Andrew McCabe of himself in his refuting the charges against him as no more than media smears, I was left wondering just what kind of world of hypocrits does Andrew McCabe ivory tower dwell, where we have John Brennan calling Donald Trump the Presidential Pimp, Eric Holder calling for a knife fight, and my particular favorite in Samantha Power filling the role of the ugly high school girl threatening Donald Trump in, "You better not mess with my boyfriend John Brennan as he is gonna get ya".

Let's sing for a few minutes in tribute to this. 

Angels - My Boyfriend's Back - YouTube

My Boyfriend's Back - American Dreams - Duration: 2:57. Adina J. 3,442,248 views. 2:57. Brian Hyland "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" - ...

What instinct tells me is Donald Trump through the channels which control deep state Jeff Sessions, waited until the last moment to fire McCabe to rub McCabe's  nose in it. Sessions who has done nothing but cause problems, was forced by a Barack Obama appointee internal affairs investigator to fire Andrew McCabe. That means the system is protecing Mr. President, and it all goes back to Don jr. tweeting about McCabe being on the public dole for the rest of his life. This has Trump and son all over it, which means the DIA is rolling like a paver now to protect the Trump's as this then protects their interests as Donald is doing what they will. 

President Trump Accuses McCabe, ‘Lying James Comey’ of Fabricating Memos: ‘Can We Call Them Fake Memos?’

For McCabe, his West Side Story is one of nothing but conflicts of interests no matter his defense. He as #2 at FBI, and did not think in overseeing several investigations against Hillary Clinton, which was a cover up as fake intelligence was being disseminated through Clinton's server to foreign hackers, that it never occurred to McCabe that his democratic wife should not be taking election funds from Hillary Clinton for her Virginia campaign.

So this might sink in a bit better, would it occur to  Elliot Ness that his wife should not be  getting money from Al Capone for the dress shop she was opening?

That is the essense of Andrew McCabe in conflicts of interest and his proxies in Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were textbook conflicts of interest in McCabe allows Strzok to investigate Hillary Clinton and Mike Flynn.  Somewhere in this a non corrupt or an FBI agent with a brain, including James Comey as this was his circus, should have said,  "Maybe Andrew you need to recuse yourself in taking money from Hamrod, and maybe Strzok should not be investigating Hillary Clinton who he adores and investigating Mike Flynn and Donald Trump who he hates".

Part of this is Robert Mueller's responsibility, as he picked and promoted all of these self righteous flat brains. Mueller's mindset is he, the FBI and Comey can never do any thing wrong, as they are all above reproach, in they could never have a conflict of interest as they are so moral they make Gandhi look like a New Dehli pimp.
It is this Mueller culture from Gregory Bretzing having LaVoy Finicum murdered and covering it up, the Las Vegas FBI going after the Bundy's, the cover up now of the Las Vegas shooter in Stephen Paddock, to the myriad of crimes the FBI was blind to including Benghazi, which has created Andrew McCabe. McCabe was put into that position, because Mueller, Comey, Obama, Holder and Lynch liked the guy as a team player who knew how to ignore things and investigate things. This group, save Power, Brennan and Holder  have all booted McCabe's  ass off  the bus to offer him as an appeasement to save themselves. In that, in a world where Jews like Andrew Breitbart and Seth Rich lay dead in the streets for challenging the system, these people not realizing that the game has changed and their benefactors are trading them, is  really obtuse to use a John Brennan college word to bully the vocabulary around.

That is why I wonder how delusional Andrew McCabe is, in his defense of how wonderful he is. He leaked classified information. His boss in James Comey leaked classified information to give Rod Rosenstein another corrupt official cover to appoint Robert Mueller to get Donald Trump in this coup, as his subordinates galore were planting fake stories in the press, and feeding it back to McCabe as documented fact to go after Trump.
The Nazi's did not get away with just following orders, so why Andrew McCabe with this entire criminal fiasco erupting around him as a senior FBI agent think he is going to get away with his part in this conspiracy as he claims self righteousness is simply unfathomable to the sane mind.

McCabe never once took steps to track down leakers who had information which only his FBI investigative team had access to. That is a fact and that is the rule with Andrew McCabe in he ignored things to progress what he knew the people above him desired to have happen. He was the fixer and no amount of quoting 20 plus years as an FBI agent negates the above facts and only gives creedence to the information coming out from people like Mike Cernovich that legal documents were changed to frame Mike Flynn. There is zero excuse in the FISA warrants or any of these documents not being kosher, as they all knew what was at stake here in going after a sitting President in Trump and Lisa Page was a lawyer, so every thing had to be in order for the judge to sign off on it all, who now it is discovered  was a text mate with Peter Strzok.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It also after 30 years of Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's make people get sloppy, as there is an understanding of what needs to be done, and people get lazy in getting things done, so they help things along with leaking, illegal unmasking, manufactured evidence and trumped up charges. They believe like Mueller does that he is too pure to ever break the law in pursuit of the law, as his intentions are pure so his criminal violations are instead 'mistakes' which do not matter as the crime is what matters.

President Trump: James Comey Lied Under Oath When He Said He Had Never Been an Anonymous Source to the Media

We heard that comment from Dan  Rather in Forgegate. These same excuses are now prevailing in Andrew McCabe as he was honest, he was distracted, he was an FBI agent, but none of that changes the headlines which are not smears, but are fact in he took money from Hillary Clinton for political gain, he looked the other way when others leaked on his cases, he leaked himself to promote a case, and he was part of illegal unmasking and legal filing set up against Mike Flynn.
An honest Detective on the street would look at that and break it down for a District Attorney in this way: McCabe got paid off by Clinton and in return McCabe covered up Clinton's crime and manufactured crimes against Donald Trump to get rid of him.

That sentence is what this all breaks down to as that is what the chain of evidence reveals. Andrew McCabe can claim his Mueller good intentions, but any crooked cop in any just American city, would have internal affairs making this case and a Grand Jury would be indicting for this conspiracy.

It is the thing to watch in this in how far the street paver rolls forward in this. Charges start appearing and you will know the DIA is getting payback for Mr. President, as Donald Trump knows certainly that what this is all about is Mueller bankrupting Trump, destroying his empire, his children and putting Donald Trump in orange jumpsuits with Vaseline jelly.
Donald Trump is just not the kind of man who facing that is not going to require his benefactors to put people into prison who were involved in this.

McCabe had it stuck to him two days before he retired on a Friday. That is vintage Trump cheap shot to send a point. It made his gang howl, and  that pleased the President. Donald Trump is now in a position that he either has the DIA ruin the people who tried to ruin him or they will be back in his old age.  

Former Asst. FBI Director James Kallstrom: High-Ranking Government Officials — ‘Not Just the FBI’ Plotted to Protect Hillary From Indictment, ‘Frame’ Trump for Russian Collusion

If McCabe had sense to know what is taking place, he would take the cheap shot and just go away like a good boy, and keep his mouth shut like image Obama and the wife. Even George Bush has shut up after his blunders in this.
McCabe though did not have sense and had very bad judgment. It would have worked out if Hillary had stolen this and given him cover. It would have worked out if he had not taken the Obama walking orders to go after Trump and not gone so wholesale cutting the corners, but that is why McCabe was chosen for that job, because his benefactors who he has never met, needed someone useful and if things went bad, someone they could leave hanging.

Judge Jeanine to Fired Andrew McCabe: Quit Claiming ‘Victim Status’ — You Should Have Been Taken Out in Handcuffs

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America's Russian Front

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What happened after the 2008 election theft by Barack Hussein Obama? Did it usher in a period of respite for his wearied followers, or was it a reality exactly as in Donald Trump, in spiking a wearied group and demanding more emotional outpouring from them?

No one has any time to think anymore, no matter where it is in the West, and it is by design to subdue the people by overloading them, so they do not notice the misery of their condition. An excellent study in this is the Eastern Front between Germany and Russia, in which two peoples who were abused by their regimes were shattered, battered and scattered a dozen times over, and yet Berlin and Moscow struck the whip and demanded more.

After Stalin and his Bolshevik Jews had caused the imprisonment, crippling and slaughter of millions of Soviet citizens in military blunder after military blunder, Stalin threatened the people to fight or he would shoot them and their families. In that, he abandoned Moscow which set off a firestorm in the Russians there in being frustrated with what they had been put through.

An N.K. Verzhbitski wrote this as the riots rampaged through the war front of Moscow, by Russians.

They began to remember and count up all the insults, oppression, injustices, pressures,  bureaucratic machinations of officialdom, contempt and self puffery of party members, draconian measures, deprivations, systematic deception of the masses, the newspapers braying self congratulations. Can a city really hold out when the people are in such a mood?

Russia has suffered horridly in World War I, and then in civil war the communists has butchered the people and oppressed them while telling them they were comrades for another 20 years, and yet it was never enough, as the party leaders lived like the pigs in animal farm with the sugar and butter, the people were always told it was their fault and demanded more of.

Stalin ordered the government out of Moscow 2500 kilometers to the east. Party leaders and factory leaders left and advocated the same as Stalin prepared his own scorched earth for Moscow in blowing up everything and cannibalizing what could be removed to the new Stalin capital.
The German Wehrmacht was approaching, the shops were empty and there was not coffee, but the cry went out that Stalin was with them, with them like a disease which was killing them.

The reverse was as much true in the battered German Soldiers. They had suffered war for four months on end every day. They were beyond tired, they had been savaged, ravaged, left to squat in the mire, were dirty, wet, cold, sick, were told to kill Russians by the piles, were in rags, had no winter clothes, no shelter, little food, and still Berlin demanded one more advance.

The Wehrmacht was breaking from the bottom up. Fractures occurred in Soldiers shooting  themselves to get out of Russia. All wanted an end to it and the end was not coming. It visited to the highest ranks in General Gunther Kluge of the 4th Army had dispatched his aide, back to Germany to make contact with anti Hitler groups led by Ulrich von Hassell.
Kluge was inquiring if peace could be made with England if a change in leadership did occur as there were officers now willing for such a relief after being in Russia. In cold calculating response though, Hassell recorded that the military was naive in such things and there were no guarantees. Even the political opposition sought to exploit the desperate People which were begging for relief.

The Soldier Helmut Gunther summed it up best for both Russians and Germans in this defining of the times:

We had long since ceased being the fellows we were who crossed the Bug River on June 26, 1941 at  Brest- Litovsk. The constant being on the go, and the inexorable battle with mud, rain, snow and cold had burnt us out. We had become hard, hard toward ourselves and  hard toward others.

 It came to a point that a German machine gunner wiping out swathes of Russians charging his position was screaming, "I can not kill any more!!!" as every person was dying inside from the abuse.

After each election in the West, the peoples are promised rest and a restoration of respite again, but it never comes. With each day comes a new revelation of some 3rd world vermin looking to be bestowed upon them the property of  people who worked for their nations from Germany, Sweden, England, Canada to America are dumped in by the political elite, and an ever growing friction occurs, as whether it is the police state prowling around to knock on the door or the criminal driving up prices, the American, German, French and English person are all facing a reality that no one is secure any more, and the  politicians are always pitting people against each other having promised them the same bed to sleep and the same job to work at.

As stated this is all by design, and there is not one difference between a Twitter e bomb and a Russian artillery shell disrupting the  personal space of a person who is in desperate need to just rest. If the mob rested though, it would begin to notice the abuse and begin resisting those who are behind it, instead of those they are pointed at to war with.
The Germans and the Russian of 1941 had months of this, but the Americans have had decades of it. The Swedes and Germans have now had years of rape assaults to subdue the population. It is always one more thing, one more tax, one more ticket to rob you, one more insult, so the entire population is always on edge and humanity has left it as the police state views the people as the enemy and the people always under surveillance judge their protectors as their prosecutors.

There is no longer a plea from civilization for just some peace to die. The population instead slugs along and when people or pets die, they go quietly as they  are finally figuring they are going to escape it all, and no one can touch them. The White in America has been self slaughtering themselves for a decade in growing numbers of hopelessness as the Blacks of the cities are in constant shooting warfare hoping someone will return the favor of the brother they have just murdered yesterday as it is all liberty from the tyranny of system jamming a new thorn into  the gaping wound which is never allowed to heal.

No one is alone in this and no one is untouched. It is though known by all, but only this blog speaks of it in historical context and current malady, as each plods sullenly along, knowing the secret that some days we just pray to God to let us die quickly as we can not take any more of this.

Tomorrow will be another day as today, but the adage is true in misery loves company, and there are cities and nations of the miserable now as the regimes lie to the people in  keeping them off balance to retain the power by the same organized conglomerate state which was exploiting Germans and Russians as it told them they were free, that they were better off  than the other people and that their leaders had all the  each of you now peer at your lit up screen, begging for a message to not be alone in your misery and no longer remembering when you had a good day, because you are so stressed and overloaded that you can not remember what you had for lunch yesterday.

The zombie state all of us are existing in moves us along. I tell myself just to keep going, to just get some land when the donations come in, keep working, obey the laws, pay the taxes, and maybe this rampaging emotional typhoon in darkness over this world will somehow pass me by as it did the days before, and then in that future place, with the same clouds, it will somehow be better.

The Germans and the Russians of 1941 had no idea, that it was just the start of trouble for generations to come.  Americans have no comprehension their  Jacob's Trouble is something they have been in for sometime.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Trump's 3rd Dossier

 Ideas are more powerful that guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas.
Joe Stalin

I am blocking less than 250 people not just generally. I check their feeds. If it is all ranting, they are just trolls who have no reason to be here.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not that people do not get Kurt Einchenwald in his Molotov Media of hate epitaphs for fire starter sensational headlines, it is that people just do not want to get Kurt Eichenwald in he is simply creepy in researching kangaroo sex  or something for his wife online with his kids, to the current manifestation of the anti Christian rhetoric which this Jew posted in Twitter.


So on this Stormy Daniels thing, if there’s no there there as the White House says, why sue? Well, because Cheeto Jesus the Evangelical Cyrus was cheating on his pregnant wife with a pornstar.

 Cheeto Jesus? Interesting hate speech from another #NeverTrumper

Remember now that Ben Shapiro, another Jew, got Christian Paul Nehlen for RETWEETING a photo of Cheddar Man, banned from Twitter, but Kurt Eichenwald can use the term CHRISTOFACIST, which is a political entity which can not exist as a Christian is a Spiritual entity and a Fascist is a political entity, and Eichenwald has not any red flags on his account.

CHRISTIAN: Following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ

FASCIST: A political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

Comrade Kurt had a number of things to say about Americans when Andrew McCabe was fired Friday. That alone has been a study in rather insane and criminal statements as John Brennan called Trump a Presidential Pimp, Eric Holder was challenging a knife fight, and Samantha Powers unleashed on Trump in threatening the President that Brennan was going to get him.

Again in  this, James Comey is retweeted by Eichenwald and it is the same theme of hinting at sinful things, in pointing to a 3rd Dossier which all of these people have access too, and as it appears under no federal warrants, and Eichenwald makes the plea for a subpoena as he has uncovered so much information, just who violated the law in assembling this dossier?

Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon. And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not.

Now comes the Stalinist Eichenwald with Red Square propaganda where we have learned that Eichenwald has been stalking Donald Trump, in Eichenwald has apparently gotten into Donald Trump's medical files, as the Comrade states that Trump was a dope head in the 1990's with a big habit.
It is criminal to dig around in people's medical files, to gain information from medical employees about private medical treatments and then to publish information like this.

You might have missed in the above that Eichenwald defines Donald Trump as a criminal. That means that Kurt Eichenwald has information concerning felonies which Mr. Trump was involved in, and has not reported those felonies apparently to the FBI, which again is a crime.

Proof is documentation, and documentation would be medical files or statements, which again is a criminal violation of a person's medical condition, just as aborticide is a private matter.

Not content with making the above charges, Eichenwald next directed his vitriol against Christians who have created the great unpardonable sin apparently, which Eichenwald's Jew god will never forgive, and that is voting for Donald Trump.

What is most interesting in this, is in Kurt Eichenwald, we are hearing the echo of John Brennan in this Jewish Islamic holy war against Christians. Brennan was intense on the sin part and on the part of Trump crimes.
This Brennan group all seem to be reading from a file which is not Pissgate, and that in turn begs the question in this, in what opposition research is really out there that seems to have access to criminal documentation and personal medical files, both of which again begs the question if this information is valid, then why is the FBI not in possession of it, as Brennan appears to have it, as does Eichenwald, unless of course this information was obtained illegally, which would then require an FBI investigation into those elements in how they gained this information.

As Attorney General Jeff Sessions found the law in firing Andrew McCabe, it is reasonable now in what Kurt Eichenwald has posted for the Secret Service to request a Justice Department inquiry into how Kurt Eichenwald has obtained all of this information criminal and medical on Donald Trump, as if Mr. Eichenwald is correct, then Donald Trump belongs under arrest, but if it is a matter as John Brennan, resorting to "America will win" statements in there is not any criminal activity by Mr. Trump, and only self righteous stone throwing, then it returns to the FBI investigating this 3rd Dossier which is moving numbers of people to accuse Mr. Trump of charges.

All of this matters, as all of us remember Evelyn Farkas, a promising diplomat who became absolutely unhinged in the things which were being leaked to her, which was Pissgate in a complete fabrication, which caused her to destroy her career, as it seems that Kurt Eichenwald was part of this whispering group which set this poor woman off.

We have now entered a saga where the private records of Donald Trump have been violated and they are being sourced for Twitter commentary. Those are criminal acts, as great as the accused criminal acts against Donald Trump.

We can thank Kurt Eichenwald for exposing this information, that it is out there, and causing outbursts from him and John Brennan and others. The problem is for Mr. Eichenwald is that he admitted he knows what is in Donald Trump's personal medical files and that is a crime. This is now an issue which must be investigated as this is the President of the United States whose privacy has been violated and that is a federal crime.

Mar 17
I get to bang porn stars while you are home with our new baby, then give them payoffs to keep quiet about it. And you can't leave me for it.


Special Counselor Zweiter Teil

I would like to say that along with Clapper here, I still think I am 
protected by the deep state so that we can spout off against Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the firing of Andrew McCabe, in other words Andrew McCabe has ZERO cover from the cartel faction which  put Obama into power, so McCabe has been thrown under the bus as an offering to the Defense Intelligence Agency which has been backing Donald Trump, I simply am unable to comprehend these people who are #NeverTrumpers, like former CIA Director John Brennan, spouting off with this venomous attack on Mr. President.

I detest asstards who scrape together college words to bitch slap the public, instead of having the gift of St. Paul or Ronald Reagan in communicating with the masses in easily understood terms. For those who do not get what Brennan said, he called Trump a pimp who prostitutes people, with depraved practices and he is colluding with Russia, the fact is Donald Trump is President, things are breaking his way, and the last person you should be calling a Presidential Pimp is Donald Trump, as he does get even.

This is compounded as Andrew McCabe as hired to destroy the 2016 elections and install Hillary Clinton. He assembled and even more corrupt group than Robert Mueller now has assembled, and this entire group operates like the CIA overseas than the FBI under the scrutiny of American law.
What is of interest in this is, this firing of McCabe caused him to come unglued, like Brennan. McCabe thought he had carte blanche, and now he lost his retirement and all the perks. He has apparently been threatening the insiders that if he goes down, he is taking others down with him.
That means McCabe is going to cut a deal and roll on James Comey, his Page and Strzok and who else in this as Loretta Lynch was dirty, as is Eric Holder, as are the image Obama and the wife. If you notice the smart people like Hillary got the hell over to India and image Obama has shut up, because they do not want to come under the Trump DIA glare. The idiots who are out of their element like Brennan are making themselves a target for Special Counselor Zweiter Teil (Part Two) and McCabe just alerted all the people who have benefited from Seth Rich's corpse that he is about to point criminal fingers at them. If Andrew Breitbart taught anyone anything, that was you do not threaten these people as you end up natural causes, before you become a serious problem.

Yet, Andrew McCabe just picked a holier than thou fight with the President of the United States, as soon enough he will not be just worried about his pension, but which democrat she is getting hosed by after McCabe is put into prison for 20 years to life.

The release of this report was accelerated only after my testimony to the House Intelligence Committee revealed that I would corroborate former Director Comey’s accounts of his discussions with the President. The OIG’s focus on me and this report became a part of an unprecedented effort by the Administration, driven by the President himself, to remove me from my position, destroy my reputation, and possibly strip me of a pension that I worked 21 years to earn. The accelerated release of the report, and the punitive actions taken in response, make sense only when viewed through this lens. Thursday’s comments from the White House are just the latest example of this. 

In this, I grabbed a few tweets on Mr. President's Twitter page, and while Donald has little support anymore, he does have morons who are still posting hateful graffiti on his wall, which of course is Secret Service monitored, so all of these ill whits are being tracked as persons of interest.
Again, no one realizes yet that in a Trump Junta, as Trump grows in power, is the darling of the cartel, the nazi conglomerates, is busy thwarting his promises and the GOP base for the cartel, that Donald Trump is going to have crushing power like no President in history.
If he gets his Special Counsel II, he will then have carte blanche to gut politically in court all of his opponents. Donald Trump joined in this, is pushing getting your medical records for gun purchases to see if you are crazy. Crushing power has only one Congressional line added in, "gun rights suspended along with all other rights examined including free speech and right to trial", as you do recall that Donald Trump is spending money to build asylums all across America.
Observe the partial list of morons below now with the knowledge from above in what is coming if unleashed. It will be SWAT teams and FBI hauling these smart asses away in the middle of the night, putting them into the white coats, rubber rooms and brain drugs, and in two weeks they will be a vegetable colony, ripe for organ donations.

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    Jealous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Ha ha jealous of that ha ha

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    Yes Jealous

  4. Nope. Not even a tinge. I make it a habit to not marry Burnt Sponges and then spend my days in a state of constant humiliation. Look at that poor sex worker. So sad.

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    Hey Donald, you are just jealous bc you cannot be half the man Andrew McCabe is. To be that, you would have to have integrity & that is way beyond your ability. In a way, I feel sorry for you. It must be difficult knowing this within yourself & knowing that the world sees it too!

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    There are only a few men that I think donald is better than...Charlie Manson, Jeff Dahmer, Richard Ramirez.

  7. Hitler is still worse. For now.

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    Yes. As far as right now.

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    America & the world deserve a better US president

  10. *an* FBI. Why is it always the ignorant?

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    Hey...just a reminder:

  12. Hold all government workers to the same accountability standard as those of us that worked on the private sector. McCabe lack of credibility is his undoing. Bye
    How the swamp be being drained if the swamp monster itself is still in power?

So you understand this, this Jehu does not have an interest in draining the swamp as it is a mote to save him. There is a difference in having the civil state working for you or working against you. Donald Trump gets his judges in place, and all of his orders are going to be rubber stamped by the courts and then this entire swamp is going to become toxic to every enemy of this President.
You have witnessed how the state crushed Mike Flynn. Transfer this now to every ranter against Mr. President and understand when the federal government begins, it does not stop with unlimited resources to destroy you.

I am pleased the Mike Flynn is not going away and heartened that the McCabe firing is about to reveal a host of illegal creation of evidence against Mr. Flynn, where his case will be thrown out, and those who brought it and created it, will be the ones being crushed by the system.
Donald Trump is already calling Maxine Waters nuts. How much longer will it be, before his mental panel starts hauling the mentally unsound away, just as the Kennedy boys tried in the 1960's.

John Brennan in the history of all of this, is the source from the Baltic intelligence groups who started this Pissgate whispering campaign. It was not Hillary Clinton's people alone, Theresa May with Christopher Steele, nor Jewish intelligence, this was the anti Putin groups who were colluding in this, and John Brennan ran this smear against Donald Trump right into the bowels  of Obama Inc.
Andrew McCabe was the point man at the FBI to run this operation against the American elections. He knows a number of people top and bottom who have not yet surfaced, and those people are nervous as Andrew McCabe takes this to a new level once he starts pointing fingers, as he sees himself as betrayed and he is now going after those who he knows set him up for this fall.

Just remember in all of this that the grinding wheel is turning. This is not Donald Trump, but the DIA which protects the Nazi conglomerates who fund the financial rapine, and have at the heart of it all the committees who decide how many more pennies a gallon to steal from you at the pump to which you will not revolt to how much profit there is in a nuclear war with Russia.
This is the DIA which is rolling and they have allies, and if you noticed, Mike Pompeo has the CIA back on the Trump reservation, and the system is will establish the cartel's will to protect itself, and for now that means protecting the President and making criminals out of the criminals who thought they were above the law in what they  were engaged in  against Mr. Trump.

Obama Apparatchik Samantha Power Threatens President Trump: ‘Not a Good Idea to Piss Off John Brennan’

The above is not intelligent as this is not grade school in the bullies pick sides as the teachers are no longer there to protect them.

Teacher is protecting someone though as he is pointing fingers at Andrew McCabe as McCabe is the weak link.

So they will keep him on till then despite all this to make sure the American tax payer is stuck paying him for the rest of his life?
— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 29, 2018

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