Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weather Mod to Create Nuclear HAARP Hot Zones

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Only by a continued progression of the posting of this HAARP weather in patterning it, will people ever be convinced that the system is not working. This morning while doing chores, I was watching the mid level stratus clouds moving northeast, while the lower level wind clouds were moving south as the wind has been blowing here for several days out of the north, but this Weather Stream has been pushing WITHOUT ANY LOW PRESSURE COUNTER CLOCKWISE ROTATION an over 2000 mile stream of clouds over America churning out rain, ice and snow.

The first photo above is the Saturday Sunday weather stream projection, a 2250 mile river of air, which quit at the Canadian border as it began over San Francisco.

The next photo I had to recreate for what Monday's storm line was, as out of nowhere this second front line appeared from Texas to the Northeast.

The original front line from Monday over the Great Plains though kept flowing northeast, and this snow disappeared  at the Canadian border. Wave after wave of snow burst clouds kept tracking northeast without moving this front line toward the east as it should.


 That was during the night of Monday into Tuesday morning, when this front had not moved for THREE DAYS, suddenly jumped 500 miles to the southeast smashing into this Texas to New York arc of storms which appeared out of nowhere Monday afternoon.

Now here is a startling manifestation in this, as look at the red corridor lines below and note the different angles from Monday overnight.
 In what was an air flow for three days of about 75 degrees, overnight became a front line which changed to about 30 degrees as it smashed into the Texas arc.
Note in this, that the Texas acr was a wall and this Great Plains stream did not move it in the least. It simply aligned itself to it. There is not even a bubble of clouds boiling backward. It simply melded without affecting  the Texas arc.

So you understand this, This does not ever take place in two fronts piling on top of each other, and none of them showing the effects of the other.
It projects out, that like my odd clouds of different levels moving in different directions, that these two streams were created at different levels in the atmosphere. It would be concluded that the Texas arc would be  higher and of more substance, while the Plains snow arc would be lower and sliding under the Texas stream.

 I still conclude that this weather modification is associated with concentrating nuclear fallout to super poison 150 mile strips with radioactive fallout while leaving the majority of America "safe" providing additional strikes do not take place, and of course there would be lesser degrees over wider areas, but this appears to be creating kill zones as this is not natural weather and there is absolutely no reason to create these storm bands about obliterating areas  as Pennsylvania was buried in snow earlier this year.

It is a reality that from Texas to Minnesota that one day the furnace is off and the next day  the air conditioner is on as there are 50 to 70 degree shifts in temperatures. This has been a very hard winter in my  location in numerous animals have been dying and I am listening to the obits in hearing volumes of 80 to 90 year olds going tits up.

Yes Big Oil is raping Americans in energy price gouging as this cold is costing Americans, but if this is the Trump Wars solution to dealing with a nuclear war in bottling fall out in hot zone lanes, perhaps this is something the People should be  voting on, as does any nation have the right to once again obliterate all life in 150 by 2250 mile zones, so the rest of the pretty people can live?

If this is HAARP weather mod for NORAD, you are witnessing the kill zones where people will die in mass.

This is not MADD, but CAD Complete Assured Destruction, and from the people,  pets, livestock and wildlife dying from this weather mod which has been going on since Obama wilded the Missouri River in Republican States, this is not protecting America, but destroying her.

Maybe this is something that really is a priority in needing to be discussed and examined.


The Left's Weaponized Children

The Political IED's of the Democrat 2018 Election Strategy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reality there is nothing the left will not weaponize and corrupt for political advantage. In 2016, we witnessed  the Obama regime for Hillary Clinton weaponizing the IRS to go after Tea Party groups, weaponized the FBI, Department of Justice  and State to go after Donald Trump in Russiagate.
The media has been weaponized against Christians, Veterans, Blacks, Whites and Conservatives for years.

What took place though after the shootings in Florida by Nikolas Cruz though was something new, but built upon the Bill and Hillary Clinton mantra of their tenure of "for the children".
Everything the Clinton's did was followed by "for the children".  America ripped Elian Gonzales from his American family for Castro's Cuba, for the children in terrorizing that child by gun point.
The Branch Davidians had their children incinerated as the Clintons with Eric Holder were doing it for the children.
A mother was shot while holding her baby by ATF in Ruby Ridge Idaho, for the children.

Unique though from the haven of hanging chad Florida which tried to steal the election from George W.  Bush came something new in Rham Emanuel fashion of not wasting a good crisis, in democrats assembled children as weapons, not to protect them, but to go after the Second Amendment, President Donald Trump, Republicans and law abiding Citizens, based upon the Val-erie Jarrett mantra of racism for Obama, but in this case liberal children were weaponized to destroy the NRA political funding, so that democrats could gain both houses in Congress for the 2018 elections.
In reality as the Lame Cherry first reported, children were weaponized, exactly as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama weaponized the 2016 elections on the false narrative of Russian hacking.
In Florida, these angry liberal teenagers are again preaching a false narrative of gun violence, when the fact is Nikolas Cruz was triggered to attack the school which invalidated him by throwing him out, for these rich liberal angry children, because he was on psychological medications. These medications time and again have been shown to be the root of the violence in school shootings as they bring about an intense peer group anger, and then turn of the reasoning switch to keep a child from acting out in violence.
No one chastises these liberal children though when they unleash verbal terrorism against the parents of these slain children.

This is the reality of this entire weaponizing of children, in a mentally ill child was triggered by medications, and now liberals are triggering their children to the same violence against Americans, the Constitution and the President.
When the Constitution has a 2nd Amendment which is misused by a child  in Nikolas Cruz in weaponizing it, it is the same misuse of liberals to weaponize children in the First Amendment in the Press and Speech.

This is not the first time the democrats have engaged in abuses use  of  people with emotional issues. Nancy Pelosi exploited Cindy Sheehan as a weapon, a mother whose son died in one of the Bush wars in order to gain the House and Senate from Republicans.  That is what 2018 AD in  the year of our Lord is about again, the weaponization of a death  for democrats to destroy a political adversary in the NRA and Donald Trump, in order to gain political power and control again.

This is another Lame Cherry exlusive in matter anti matter as no one else will explain this reality to you. That is why children were weaponized as liberals knew there was no any way to attack a child without looking abusive. There is a way with the Truth to expose the pedophile politics of the weaponization of children, as that is what is behind all of this marches on Washington DC.
If one more attack or a series of attacks takes place to jin up the politics of this, then you will know that the DC FBI controlling division has not been alerting FBI offices for the deliberate reason of spiking these attacks, endangering society and the agents.

This is absolute child abuse which liberals have been involved in, and it is time for a federal investigation by the Department of Justice in just who is colluding in Florida in being behind all of this weaponizing of children.

And now these Political IED's have inspired  billboards in America calling for the killing of the NRA, in effect, the murder of NRA members.

Gun Control Hysteria Leads to ‘KILL THE NRA’ Billboard in Kentucky

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Ronald Reagan's Biggest First Term Mistake

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For Nancy Reagan, the biggest mistake of her husband's first term was Sec. of State, General Alexander Haig.

Mrs. Reagan saw  him as power hungry, Haig thought he was the only person who should be making foreign policy decisions, and when Reagan was shot, Haig announced that he was in control at the White House.
Mrs.  Reagan went on to say that Haig told the President that "Give me the world and I will turn that fucking island into a parking lot". (Cuba)

The list goes on from Mrs. Reagan in Haig was  power hungry, war hungry and was obsessed with his place at meetings in not being slighted. In examination of this litany, what appears is that Nancy Reagan decided that Al Haig had to go, so she like all women found reasons to back up her decision to axe a Conservative.

Apparently Alexander Haig threatened to resign and in one offering, the President accepted. Mrs. Reagan stated that both her and her husband never liked Al Haig.

In retrospect, Mrs. Reagan simply liked two men in George Schultz as Secretary of State and Vice President George Bush.
Again in retrospect, we know that George HW Bush was running dope for the Contras out of Nicaragua into Clinton's Arkansas, liked grabbing little girls by the ass, his  family friend is the one who shot Ronald Reagan and almost murdered him, and the one time Ronald Reagan needed Bush when Reagan was being operated on, HW literally knocked himself out while playing tennis, so America did not have a President for hours in a nuclear war era.
You do remember HW is the one who put the slash across his throat for Donald Trump and you do remember it was HW who had all the Conservatives destroyed for Jeb to run for president.

This is the guy Mrs. Reagan trusted.

As for George Schultz, this was the Rockefeller man in the White House. Mrs. Reagan marginalized all the Conservatives who Americans voted for and went soft on the Soviet Union for her husband's legacy. Schultz was a moderate schmoozer, who if you recall the Iran Contra Hearings, Schultz sat before Congress whining non stop about how Sec. of Defense Cap  Weinberger and other Conservatives left in the White House hated this prick and would not provide transportation for him.

The reality is Alexander Haig was not likeable. He was a right proper son of a bitch. He was tough and he was an American. One does not have to like the  people who serve under you, but you do have to have people who do not betray you. When Al Haig was in charge, no one betrayed Ronald Reagan, as when Mike Deaver was there. Nancy Reagan though wanted the schmoozer who would stab her husband in the back and then she would be upset when Ollie North was not doing what Ronald Reagan wanted, but was running the Marine transports into Latin America in that dope triad that HW Bush was running.

HW Bush would not have gotten away with his coup against Ronald Reagan if Al Haig was there. The fact is Don Regan as Chief of Staff almost got Reagan removed from office, and who would benefit from that by HW Bush, as George Schultz stood silently by for the Rockefellers.

There is a problem with most first ladies in having too much influence in  the West Wing and affecting policy against Americans. Melania Trump in her anti fur status, Michelle Obama having her fingers into everything like Hillary Clinton are all examples of Americans suffering when a wife gets it into her head that her husband needs to do things to make her wishes come true in running America.

The fact is most First Ladies in trying to run American for their husbands, put the big I in run and end up bring RUIN to America.

- Lame Cherry

It is too bad in most cases that when America does not like a First Lady, the country could not fire her, as easily as Nancy  Reagan got rid of Al Haig.

The reality is the first term mistake that Ronald Reagan made was not telling his wife to shut up so she would  not get him impeached or shot by those she trusted.

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Melania Trump would ban Nancy Reagan from the White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter  anti matter.

This pope bowing European who is First Lady of the American White House is an education in what all foreigners are, and why the Founders sought to protect the American Republic from immigrants in the White House. Barack Hussein Obama is a textbook example of what the Founders warned of, and now the First Lady, once ensconced in the White House, has quietly been embarking on globalist agendas.

Hidden in this, was Melania  Trump announcing that she would not wear fur again, in effect banning it from the American White House, in banning any American who dared to exercise their legal rights against the Melania Mandate.

Melania Trump Says No More Fur for Her, Despite Its ...

Melania Trump may be the first lady, but she is no longer a fur lady. A spokeswoman for Trump, a former model who has been famously photographed wearing a variety of ...

The basis of this is said to be that strange Pamela Anderson who is now fixated on Wikileaks Maestro, as she visits him while not being a PETA operative sending fake furs to Melania Trump and moving this European to end another American tradition.

The fact is, Melania Trump would ban Nancy Reagan from the White House, as Mrs. Reagan on her husband's inauguration wore a beautiful fox.

For those ignorant of the facts, Ronald Reagan's economic upturn in America, hinged on South Korea driving up the prices of American long hair fur, for their furriers to dress to the world market. Hundreds of millions of dollars arrived to working rural Americans who trapped fur and protected other wildlife in a sound CONSERVATION project which moved America's economy in this renewable resource.
Of course, Melania Trump knows better than Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump know better than Ronald Reagan, because instead of promoting trade with South Korea, Donald Trump is more interested in starting a nuclear war in Korea.

I did search of First Ladies in the past years before Melania Trump, and all of these NATURAL BORN AMERICAN WOMEN, wore fur and promoted this for the poor in America.

This is Pat Nixon in her lovely mink coat.

This is Lady Byrd Johnson in her lovely long haired fur.

This is Jackie Kennedy in her world trend setting leopard dress which is still moving fashion today.

So the reality is from Nancy Reagan to Jackie Kennedy, Melania Trump of Europe would ban the First Ladies of the United State from their own house, while smearing American fur producers for the globalists and bringing rural America to economic ruin.

With the Trump Clappers it is always one more thing and one more excuse.

Trump didn't get rid of Obamacare, so there is no medical deflation in costs,  but that's ok.

Trump is selling American energy to foreigners, driving up American prices,  but that's ok.

Trump is the president protecting life, but 250,000 babies were butchered, but that's ok.

Trump ban's gun imports from Russia, but that's ok.

Trump ban's legal elephant trophies from Africa, but that's ok.

There is always one more thing, and now Melania Trump has smeared the hard working and Trump voting American fur trapper and predator caller, but that's ok, as the Trump's New York Valued is picking off not my bought and paid for group at this time.

One wonders in this foreign born Melania Trump in her hatred of American traditions, just how much of Trump Amnesty is coming from her hand rocking the cradle? Is this all about Melania bringing in more of her Obama kind as she just does not want Americans around.

The fact is that Melania Trump from George Washington's fox hounds, to Davy Crockett's coon skin cap, to Teddy Roosevelt's buffalo robe coat, to the list of fur wearing American born First Ladies, that Melania Trump despises American Tradition in America's most historic endearing figures.

Gone are  the fringes  of buckskin on the American Frontier. Gone are leather saddles of the Pony Express Riders. Gone are the Horse Hide Blankets which kept a generation of sled traveling Americans like Libby and George Custer from freezing to death in a Great Plains blizzard. Gone is America, as Melania Trump is fake in her fur as fake as Donald Trump's promises and fake as the fake news they both excoriate.

America is being overrun with this foreign vermin who know nothing of American traditions in the White Christian America of German Christmas trees, Pilgrim's hunting turkey on Thanksgiving and the traditions of fur, fish, fowl and game in the intimacy of what it is to be an American.

Melania Trump has been removing American Tradition in her dictatorship from the White House. She has branded all Americans alive and of the ages beasts, like her husband termed his own sons a horror show for conservation hunting.

It never occurred to the First Lady to ask an American about fur wearing, as she has no Americans around her, nor does her husband, as all she has are city dwelling globalists who loathe the American Heartland.

Behind the smile of Melania Trump is the same European loathing of their caste elite of all things American. Yes Melania Trump is too good for American fur, until it is American fur that funded her freedom in being liberated from the Iron Curtain.

Yes, let's get rid of all of those nasty American traditions and traits, because Melania Trump orders so.


The First Lady of the United States owes all Americans an apology.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Donald Trump Goes Anti Gun

Melania bans furs, I ban guns, it's a banner year for Trump........


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Given the cover of the Florida shooting as an excuse, President Trump enacted a new wave of anti gun bans against Americans. This follows on the banning of affordable firearms for Americans imported from Russia, now with the outright unConstitutional ban on 'bump stocks'.

, Trump said, “Just a few moments ago, I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

This is novel and historical, as all other American Presidents from the Tommy Gun to Silencers have NEVER banned completely firearm attachments. There always were exceptions for ATF special licensing and regulation.

This is the first incident of an American President initiating the role of dictator in shredding an Amendment to the Constitution. Not even Barack Hussein Obama had ever engaged in this kind of power grab.

The worst of this is Donald Trump revealed his absolute ignorance and ignorance by terming a bump stock a machine gun.

It apparently is difficult for Mr. President to comprehend words, in equipment like Sewing MACHINE, Rivet MACHINE or even Machine Gun, with the key word being MACHINE.
To explain this, a MACHINE gun is a MACHINE like a Sewing MACHINE is not a needle and thread. Here is a photo of a Machine Gun, which is a fixed position weapon of war, which is not transportable, which fires bullets like a MACHINE. Like Ford auto turns out car parts by a machine.

Now this is what Donald Trump just banned, meaning they will now flood America and criminals will have them.

You probably are bright enough to notice that a bump stock looks nothing like a machine gun. This has escaped the President, but then the President has had a history of implementing Constitution shattering mandates against firearms ownership.

Explanations or Truth do not matter any more in this, as Donald Trump has exceeded his authority again, and broken his promise again, and has now removed all ATF regulatory procedures by banning Americans from owning another worthless piece of equipment which makes rifles less accurate, meaning these murderers should be mandated to have them installed on guns as it would save lives.

But this is not about saving lives either. It is about banning guns which the Founders NEVER gave the President, Courts or Congress authority to engage in.

So you Trump clappers just keep on believing as Donald Trump unConstitutionally takes one more right away with every declaration.

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Jim Carey Pedo Texts Survivor of Florida Shooting

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After comedian Jim Carey killed his former girlfriend, his career has become "painting" as no one in Hollywood will apparently hire the toxic Carey. Carey though has been busy on Twitter, just relishing the nuclear destruction of Hawaii when a democrat deliberately sent out a nuclear alert, and now after the Florida shooting, Carey has managed to tweet at a Florida child a racist pedophile masturbatory message mentioning the size of Donald Trump's penis.

This is Carey's message directed at Cameron Kasky, a liberal child that numbers of Hollywood celebrities are most interested in from Justin Bieber to Alyssa Milano.

CHIEF LITTLE HANDS, is a slur against Native Americans. It incorporates the issue of Donald Trump's penis size from the 2016 campaign when Marco Rubio was obsessed with the subject.

Directing a racist sexual comment about an adult male's penis is something that Anthony Wiener is now sitting in prison over in his sexting.

It seems Carey also has a knack for telling a child about grave digging after they survived a shooting. I guess Carey phones up women who are raped and asks them if they liked it and tells Jews they must like chicken as their people were in the bake ovens.

There are legal rules in this in adults NEVER send sexual messages to children, and should have sense enough to not send texts about Donald Trumps penis size and including gravedigger jokes.

If there were Justice at the Justice department, Jim Carey would have an Anthony Wiener investigation opened against him, because this pimping of these Florida children in passing them around which now includes George Clooney and Oprah donating a million dollars to children in weaponizing them has reached a new low with Jim Carey as Carey is pedo texting children who survived the Florida massacre.

These children need to be protected from these perverts, because Cameron Kasky blinded by the attention of celebrity gushed this text back.

This is spiraling completely out of hand in the worst way in exploiting children by these liberals, worse than Harvey Weinstein with a touch of Kevin Spacey. The Justice Department must become involved in investigating Jim Carey for pedo texting and this much money must be taken into escrow by the Florida Department of Education to monitor this cash outlay as celebrity and cash is pure corruption.

Where are Cameron Kasky's parents? Why are they not looking after this child and why do pedo texts not bother these people?

It is as Florida Teacher of the Year Kelly Raley, posted on Facebook in castigating Florida parents and children for their lack of responsibility in what was behind the Florida shooting as she was taught by her parents RESPECT and MORALITY.

I was taught that until I moved out, my life and bedroom wasn’t mine…it was theirs. And they were going to know what was happening because they loved me and wanted the best for me.
Those 17 lives mattered. When are we going to take our own responsibility seriously?

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My Fellow White People

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was on the Rense links today and he had on a link to Squawker which made me think, "How disturbing is this", in the article featured an account on Twitter which  tracks liberal Jews who keep referring to themselves as White People and then going on in racist tweets trashing White People as they suddenly type in that they are Jews.

This is all posted online as meme's which are used by the Alt Right to mock leftist Jews in now it is anti Semite to refer to a Jew as a  Fellow White Person. That of course makes zero sense as satire is not racist, and it is past time that this anti Semite thing gets buried as the fact is the worst hatred aimed at Semites is the smears against Germans to this day over the holocaust. The German People are Asssyrians, Assyrians, like Syrians, Iranians, Arabs, and for that matter most of Western Europe are all descendants of Shem. That is where the anti Shemite comes from, and if one understands that fact, most of liberal Jewry does not have one drop of Israelite or Judahite blood in them, so they are not Semite, but are Japhethite, or the same Eurasian races of the Slavic Peoples.

'Fellow White People': The New Anti-Semitic Meme - The Forward

Jews are fellow white people#MakeMeAngryIn5Words— 🅰️'s & 🎱's (@johnramos91) November 9, 2017. The meme is meant to highlight ...

Yet of this My Fellow White People, is called by leftists anti Semite, when the links reveal that it is the leftist DailyKos and Guardian who are the media group which is utilizing the My Fellow White People.

My fellow white people: if you're not part of the solution ...

My fellow white people: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem Katherine Craig. ... Share on Twitter;

This is beyond even the abnormal asstard stupid in what the Mockingbird arrives at, as it is so bizarre that it is meant to induce a brain slap which no one could believe anyone would talk like this as it is so ludicrous.

Historically, it was the Jewish Franklin Delano Roosevelt who used the My Fellow Americans, and we have all heard the various idiosyncrasies of different racial groups as the Irish have a fondness for "Me cousins", but it baffles me how this educated Jewish group was somehow so addicted to the term My Fellow White People, as it appeared in these groups and in the same Mockingbird media.
It is just so utterly gouache in revealing an aristocratic snobbery wrapped inside of a plebian half wit statement.

Sadly, this is not just leftists but rests with Texas Christian funded Ben Shapiro, as he has made quite name for himself going around self promoting himself before crowds of idiot children as he debates his fellow white privilege.
Odd in that since Ben Shapiro was busy attacking Nikolas Cruz, a Jew, as a White Supremacists last week. It appears with Ben Shapiro that there is.........his fellow white supremacists which are good, then there are the Paul Nehlen which are bad in the Alt Right and then there are the Cruz Jewish kind which once Ben discovers a Jew, he drops the whole thing.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro lectures to turbulent crowd ...

Katie Cooney /The Badger Herald. ... elementary education and fellow ... of the private Facebook event "Fuck White Supremacy: Interrupting Ben Shapiro. ...

I wonder in this as we are always told that a Jew is always right, as the American clergy likes keeping them around for pets the way David Axelrod kept his designer Negro Obama around as a pet. So does this mean that on the master race scale that the Texas brothers Wilks who keep Ben Shapiro around as their pet Jew, who hates White Christians, Donald Trump etc... that Ben Shapiro is then of the Jewish class trained to be White and therefore the Jewish sociopath who thinks they are White, keeps a pet Negro around, like David Axelrod did Obama?

Just for my preference I keep a pet dog which is normal, but this is about My Fellow White Shapiro and his type. The Wilks brothers apparently do not pay Ben enough to have a pet Negroid, but I did find a picture of Ben being petted by a Bruce Jenner without a cock, and he was getting a lesson from Ann Coulter in what she likes to do with a circumcised mic and Ben was quite interested in the shiksa's attention.

The problem is I noted that lesbian Ann Coulter's tits are flat when she is instructing  Fellow White Ben Shapiro, but she gets big hooters when she hangs around with Milo the pedophile promoting Jew.


I don't know what lactation in lesbians has to do with Fellow White Person's and lesbian tits, but Ben does not have what Milo brings to the Fellow White Person table.

This of course solves none of this mystery as there is Jewish pedo white person, Ben Shapiro white person, and in this sub group the affect they have on bottle blonde lesbian tit.

OH MY, Nom de Deus, it just occurred to me, the reason these Jews are all mad like Ben Shapiro going after Paul Nehlen is because they are auditioning as sassy boys and nasty girls. Ben wants to be Paul Nehlen's pet boy as the Wilks boys are not fulfilling the White need in Ben, even with all that money. No wonder Ben hangs around with lesbians and transvestites in he is saving himself, keeping himself pure, for the day when the Alt Right makes a pet out of him and it is official he is a Fellow White Person.

I just would appreciate if these Fellow White Person Jews would post pictures of their pet Negroids, as I think I might like looking at them as I do like looking at pictures of dogs. I just do not know how these Fellow White Jews get their pet Negroes. I mean do they set out a plate of fried chicken? Do they go to Chicago and hang out in gay bars like they did for Obama? Just what is the etiquette so one could get a Joe Biden, clean smelling Negro........then again maybe they hold out for the stinky ones as Michelle said Barack stunk bad.

Is why I prefer Setters.

Oh lastly, I once told a prominent democrat that I was Jewish and a minority and needed a job. The response I got was like I told them I had the plague. Them democrats hate them Jews, even if they keep them around for pets. I think that gal put my name down for the next cattle car holocaust trip for a front seat. So I can understand why My Fellow White Person's claim to be White as Congressional democrats won't hire a Jew.

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