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FOX You Decide

 Come on Chris, smell my I can smell your's from here.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The new whoring of Brett Baier over at FOX "news" for his book, "How to Blow a Job" is a reflection on the carnality of the audacity of FOX news to attempt to state that Sean Homo Hannity is a problem for them as they are always fair and balanced.

I still remember when Theresa May's MI6 nabbed Rupert Murdoch for spying in England and just like that FOX became Obama friendly all of the time. The shock to me was the first debate between John McCain and Birther Hussein, where McCain wiped the floor with Barry, in how Chris  Wallace and Shep Smith, who for every day before that had reflected the American right wing, suddenly gushed over Obama and pronounced him the winner.
It was the ultimate betrayal, but there was a great deal of that in the media which began with Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal.

To blame the opinion side of FOX is like a whore blaming her pimp for saying she is a bad lay. FOX produces ratings by conning people on the right like the GOP does with the Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham side to pay the bills, but the leftists are what sabotage Donald Trump and Christian America constantly.

Shep Smith is one of the biggest #NeverTrump nutters on the planet as his glowing gayness looks like he is HIV meds turning him into a wax statue.


 I would say Brett has it right there Shep, but that Obama
got me hard for eight years.

I am the fairest and ballancediest there is Chris


If you were a Jew,  your rabbi would beat your ass for that Shep,
but you would probably like that!!!

Why don't faggots get me, as I run the homo page over at FOX.


SEAN HANNITY: People think that we're not friends. Every newspaper local, international, and national.
BRET BAIER: That's right.
HANNITY: And they have a sports section.
BAIER: That's exactly right.
HANNITY: And they have an editorial page?
BAIER: They do indeed.
HANNITY: Am I editorial page?
BAIER: You are indeed.
HANNITY: And you are the news page.
BAIER: That's right.


Yes, I'm fairy and ballbalanced as this is me and my tart
going to the Obama Gala.........

FOX is ..........disgusting to me. I do not care for their whored up tarts, male or female on their talk shows. After the betrayal by Wallace and Smith in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, I will never trust those whores again.
Megs Kelley doing her Hillary impersonation against Trump was menstrual repulsive, and, having to listen to Homo Hannity fag up the right in forced sodomy wearing down the audience is proof that Hannity is progressing the agenda, which Ann Coulter rolled out for the Log Turd GOP and was rejected years ago.

There is zero difference at FOX news or propaganda. Brett Baier whores for the communists and Hannity whores for the socialists.

Hannity pillow talks to Trump every night. All that proves is Sean Hannity has signed onto every damaging thing from gun control to energy rapine, which is exactly what FOX news promotes.

The reason Brett Baier is not boycotted is because the left agrees with him, as Bill O'Reilly is no longer around to sell his cut and paste books to extort money from the right, and now Baier has inherited the job.

I research and read the news. I do not ever listen to FOX tell me how great sodomite socialism is.

Nuff Said


Working Title: The Match that Struck Operation Crossfire Hurricane

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While attention is now being focused on the misdirection of the FBI MOLE in  Stefan Halper, who was busy planting fake intelligence into Trump associates which is said to have kicked off the Operation Crossfire Hurricane out of the FBI, and managed by John Brennan out of the CIA, and now known to have included the Treasury Department as broken exclusively here, in Mr. Trump's financial records were illegally seized by this operational group, and then handed over to Robert Mueller illegally, there is something more in this which has now been discovered and it is the fact that Stefan Halper was stalking the Trump campaign BEFORE Peter Strzok and Crossfire Hurricane even appeared in London.

The time lines in this are vital as Peter Strzok was in London on August 2nd, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, with an FBI investigation run out of Andrew  McCabe's office with Lisa Page as Attorney coordinating the information flow, with Bill Priestap supervising Strzok.

Peter P. Strzok

 The agents summarized their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug. 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation. But at the time, a small group of F.B.I. officials knew it by its code name: Crossfire Hurricane.

Again the dates are vital in this as this "investigation" started at the FBI on July 31st, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, but the Washington Post and New York Time are now both reporting that the FBI mole, Stefan Halper had opened contact with Carter Page of the Trump campaign by mid July, that is two weeks before the investigation started.

This is the red flag in this as Halper is a Bush associate and while he is termed an FBI mole, this blog exposed first that Halper is the son in law of the Great Deep State Brain Trust which ruled America from the 1970's. Halper is CIA to the bone and joined at the hip. There is absolutely not any way he was stalking the Trump campaign on his own, the FBI did not activate him as a source until later, so that indicates this London DC Socialite, was already laying the groundwork of destroying Donald Trump.
Stefan Halper is a co asset of British MI6 and American CIA. This is the absolute proof that there was coordination in all of this, before Pissgate and before any hint of Russian collusion appeared, and the only reason it did appear, is because Halper sowed to another Trump associate named Papdopoulos that the Russians had hacked Hillary's DNC server, which was an absolute lie, as Seth Rich was that source and he was assassinated for it.
It would be Papadopoulos who would have a drunken meeting with Clinton donor, the Ambassador of Australia who Strzok would be dispatched to London to interview. This is an intelligence operation being run to frame Donald Trump.

Professor Stefan Halper

the Washington Post, which wrote:
“In mid-July 2016, a retired American professor approached an adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign at a symposium about the White House race held at a British university.
“The professor took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Carter Page, whom Trump had named a few months earlier as a foreign policy adviser.
“But the professor was more than an academic interested in American politics — he was a longtime U.S. intelligence source. And, at some point in 2016, he began working as a secret informant for the FBI as it investigated Russia’s interference in the campaign, according to people familiar with his activities.”

But how far in the past did this frame up of Donald Trump originate? There are indications of this that it was not in July of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord that the plot against Donald Trump emerged, but that this plot originated in July of 2015 AD in the year of our Lord, in an infamous DC Whispers post which has now disappeared, which stated that Jeb Bush colluded with Bill Clinton, in phoning Clinton up, and pleading for help, to which Bill Clinton replied that Donald Trump would be taken care of during the period of the GOP presidential debates, if not sooner.

In this period, Donald Trump's personal jet developed problems and had to emergency land. Is this what Bill Clinton was hinting at would be the solution for Donald Trump or was there something else, as there certainly have been Stormy Daniels eruptions non stop since this time in this same group shifting to new attempts to undermine President Donald Trump.

Bush fam Clinton fam

Bill Clinton Tells Jeb Bush, “This Trump Thing Will Be Taken Care Of.”
D.C. Whispers ^ | July 11, 2015 | DC Whispers

Posted on 8/9/2015, 2:05:35 PM by Sontagged
DC Whispers, July 11, 2015
It is a political dynamic for which Bush political operatives are increasingly confused and concerned over.
Those concerns were said to be given some salve in the form of assurances from Bill Clinton during a personal call he had with Jeb Bush two days earlier.
While most of that conversation remains private, Jeb did share with others that the former president reminded the would-be presidential hopeful that, “a lot of this Trump thing will be taken care of during your debates, if not sooner.”

If you recall the smears against Melania Trump were coordinated from both Clinton and Cruz operatives in the porn pictures. If you recall, Marco Rubio to be Jeb Bush's vice president, originally contracted for the dirt file on Donald Trump from Fusion GPS, which was taken up by the Clinton's in their operatives manufactured the Pissate files for Christopher Steele. If you recall there is the infamous throat slashing gesture which HW Bush made concerning Donald Trump at the convention. There were signals in all of this that there was a series of plots to get Donald Trump and it was coming from both the Bush and Clinton families.

HW Bush Throat Slashing Donald Trump

In Republican Debate, Jeb Bush Attacks Donald Trump

Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida blasted Donald J. Trump for insulting the ... In Republican Debate, Jeb Bush ... exclusive amnesty on his first day ...

We return to the date of July 2015 AD in the year of our Lord as we know Seth Rich discovered that Bernie Sanders had been employed by Hillary Clinton as a willing strawman to be beaten as Ted Cruz was to serve Jeb Bush. That was before and democratic primary started, so we know the Clinton's had been formulating intelligence operations, coordinated with the media, and Jeb Bush was creating his own operations against other Republicans, namely Donald Trump, when Bush sent in a snotty girl as a CNN plant to ask Trump why he hated women.
There was a black book of political operations which already existed in 2015 AD in the year of our Lord and Bill Clinton was quoting it, and was already coordinating it in knowing Donald Trump was about to be destroyed.
Don't forget in this, another festering pustule named John McCain appeared early to take out Donald Trump and failed. This is all the same coordinated operations against Donald Trump.

Saturday, July 11, 2015 19:30

Mr. Trump is later scheduled to appear at a legal immigration rally in Phoenix, Arizona later today that is estimated to have nearly 10,000 supporters attend. Several far-left open border groups have initiated nationwide anti-Trump protests with money that is alleged to having been funneled to them by political donors from BOTH the Clinton and Bush camps.

Again in the above, already in July 2015 AD in the year of our Lord, there is coordination in the Bush and Clinton camps to hire rioters to beat up Donald Trump's supporters and create violence.

Donald Trump was in Arizona in 2015, but another meeting would happen a year later in June of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, where Attorney General Loretta Lynch deliberately flew out of DC to Arizona to meet with Bill Clinton on the tarmac where no one would hear the deal which was cut.
Again the dates are important as it was thought that this meeting was about Lynch submarining Hillary Clinton's FBI investigation so she would not be charged. We know now from James Comey that while Lynch softened the language and Peter Strzok wrote the soft sell report for Comey, that the fix was in from the start in Hamrod was never going to be charged. So there was not any reason for Loretta Lynch to meet Bill Clinton over this, as her place on the Supreme Court had already been agreed to. That means something else was being coordinated between Clinton and Lynch, and it had nothing to do with saving Hillary Clinton. The conclusion is that meeting was Bill Clinton coordinating with Loretta Lynch from the Obama regime for the evidence which was being planted to frame Donald Trump in Russian collusion within a few weeks of this meeting.

Loretta Lynch coordinates with the Clintons outside DC

Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch meet privately - CNNPolitics

Jun 29, 2016 · (CNN)A meeting this week between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton is creating headaches for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Lynch and Bill Clinton met privately in Phoenix Monday after the two realized they were on the same tarmac, an aide to the former president said ...

This now moves to July 8th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, from the Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch. Carter Page is a known FBI asset, and he had been to Moscow for a speaking engagement. It was upon his return that he was stalked by Stefan Halper. The FBI's interest was piqued in this which is interesting in Page has been outed as an FBI asset, so their asset went to Moscow to give a speech, which was then used as an excuse to target the Trump campaign.
The Cambridge event was a who's who of Clinton and MI6 operatives who are all Halper's associates and this is where an FBI source was invited to join.

Carter Page

Meanwhile, Halper targeted Carter Page two days after Page returned from a trip to Moscow.
Page’s visit to Moscow, where he spoke at the New Economic School on July 8, 2016, is said to have piqued the FBI’s interest even further. Page and Halper spoke on the sidelines of an election-themed symposium held at Cambridge days later. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6 and a close colleague of Halper’s, spoke at the event.

What everyone has missed in a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is not that Stefan Halper stalked Carter Page BEFORE the FBI operation Crossfire Hurricane, but that Carter Page was invited in June of 2016 AD in the year of our  Lord to this event.

DOJ Documents Show Carter Page Helped FBI Catch ... - Townhall

Department of Justice court records from 2015 have provided details about how Carter Page cooperated with FBI ... Page enough to hire him as an asset ... Townhall ...

But of course Carter Page denies to the Daily Caller in a clever ruse, that he was not an FBI agent. Of course he was not an agent, he was an asset. One has to watch the nuances of what is reported as many people have agendas for misdirection in this.

Carter Page Was Not Undercover FBI Agent | The Daily Caller

Carter Page shoots down speculation that he worked undercover for the FBI "Never did anything of that variety," Page told The Daily Caller News Foundation Page was interviewed by the FBI in June 2013 about contacts with a covert Russian agent A theory gaining traction about Carter Page in some ...

That is the red flag in this in an FBI asset went to Moscow right before this Cambridge MI6 event with the Clinton cronies speaking, but had been invited the month previous. In other word as we roll back the dates to now June 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, that means this operation was already planned to frame Donald Trump by June, and that means sometime before that as it was all being coordinated.
This literally was the Clintons, Bush fam and Obama's John Brennan setting candidate Donald Trump up for political assassination on foreign soil. This was a complex operation meant to be so intricate that you would miss all of this if Hillary Clinton had stolen the election. It is absolute proof positive that this is what was taking place before June 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

 The informant first approached Carter Page at a Cambridge symposium on the U.S. presidential election in London on July 11-12, 2016. Page was invited to the symposium in June 2016 by an unnamed doctoral student at Cambridge who knew Halper, according to a source.

Halper was not through though in after making contact with Carter Page who would appear on Mueller's investigative list, Halper found Papadopoulos in September of 2016 to put into place the coming coup against Donald Trump in linking Donald Trump directly to the Russians in knowing the Russians had Hillary Clinton's emails.
That was amusing as Donald Trump in mocking asked if the Russians had Hillary's emails which were missing, and for this the deep state came back at Donald Trump and this is what he was tagged with by Halper.

Halper’s September 2016 outreach to Papadopoulos wasn’t his only contact with Trump campaign members. The 73-year-old professor, a veteran of three Republican administrations, met with two other campaign advisers, The Daily Caller News Foundation learned. -Daily Caller

There is one last piece of evidence in this which reveals something else was taking place in this frame of Donald Trump. Remember Carter Page the FBI asset was in July. Apparently nothing was found with Donald Trump in this, and a later meeting was created at Trump Tower with Don jr. as another set up over Hilllary Clinton's own dirty files, which initiated that Papadopoulos information plant, but in between in August Halper was back in DC, and this time he was meeting with another Trump associate, in which Russia never came up, but Halper was pumping for information concerning China.

That is most interesting, because  it appears this operation for about a month shifted gears from Vladimir Putin and was attempting to sow collusion between Donald Trump and China, but this was abandoned and it returned to the Hillary emails being hacked and Russia again.

In late August 2016, the professor reached out to Clovis, asking if they could meet somewhere in the Washington area, according to Clovis’s attorney, Victoria Toensing.
“He said he wanted to be helpful to the campaign” and lend the Trump team his foreign-policy experience, Toensing said.
Clovis, an Iowa political figure and former Air Force officer, met the source and chatted briefly with him over coffee, on either Aug. 31 or Sept. 1, at a hotel cafe in Crystal City, she said. Most of the discussion involved him asking Clovis his views on China.
“It was two academics discussing China,” Toensing said. “Russia never came up.” -WaPo

The interesting bedfellows of Gina Haspel

As a closing note in this series of exclusives in the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter. Much has been floated by Jack Posobiac that Gina Haspel, the new CIA  Director is dirty as she was station chief in London during the period of this operation and was close to John Brennan.
An intelligent girl might instead look at it as the Lame Cherry has exclusively pointed out in Gina Haspel is Defense Intelligence, and as the DIA placed Donald Trump as their candidate to change the Obama paradigm, that Gina Haspel during this time was monitoring and collecting intelligence for America on this deep state operation and was reporting to the DIA, as the Trump junta has a proliferation of loyal DIA operatives now in place.

Everything is not as it seems with the Control. You should now comprehend why Edward Snowden went operational to begin venting the data to expose the paradigm. All of the stories do in fact start connecting in this puzzle to create a mosiac of what was taking place behind the headline which you could not connect, save except for the Lame Cherry.

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Rising from the dead Star Trek

Lt. Leslie - Star Trek

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I may be obsessed with Star Trek the Original Series due to the fine performances of William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig, but I am not possessed by the series. There is something which I do not know has been written of as a fluke in the series, but it is one which is for the first time written of here in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you watch STOS you will notice a recurring background actor of Edie Paskey, who sometimes is Lt. Leslie and sometimes he is just a spearchucker filling in space.

I was watching Obsession with TL about a month ago. That is the program where Kirk is obsessed with a creature made of Dichromium, that sucks the life out of blood cells. It is a very good show in being well written and acted. In this though the first time the entity appears, you will see 3 men attacked, the one on the right is Edie Paskey.


Lt. Leslie on the right.

He dies which I noted to TL, but reappears in later episodes. In one of thee most interesting he is the driver who runs down Joan Collins in a tragic episode. He also was Shatner's stand in and James Doohan's hand double.


When his character does die in the episode "Obsession," Paskey explains his mysterious return in the next episode by describing a lost scene in the script, where Dr. McCoy administered a miracle potion that saves Leslie's life. Paskey mentioned that this scene was never filmed. Episode director Ralph Senesky also confirmed that he did not film it.
In "This Side of Paradise" his is the only character to mutiny openly against his superior, Captain Kirk, and even disobeys orders again in "And the Children Shall Lead," although under an alien influence. In "The City on the Edge of Forever," Paskey was the driver of the truck in the scene where character Edith Keeler (Joan Collins) is struck down and killed.
Paskey also appeared occasionally as a stand-in for Shatner in certain long scenes. He was the hand-double for James Doohan, who was missing a finger, in "Wolf in the Fold" and "That Which Survives." He appeared in most of the episodes from the first two seasons of the original series.


 Kirk with the only survivor, Jerry Ayers
the officer in the middle in the first photo

 I always liked him as a character. He was a good cast, much better than George Takei, where Paskey would have been superior in that role as he was a much better actor.
His equal was Mr. Kyle who worked in engineering and often had bit parts too, played by John Winston.

 John Winston in Mirror Mirror

That is the reality though in Paskey was the first Star Trek character to get killed off and return, and no one ever noticed it enough to make it one of the interesting conversation points of STOS.

Kirk with Ensign Garrovick played by Stephen Brooks


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A Quadroon in the Crown

What do you mean I sleep out back with the dogs........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This needs to said in the reputable media as the rumors are abounding concerning Queen Liz's new granddaughter, the Quadroon Meghan Markle.


 I told Harry she will be just like going to the zoo!!!

It is a matter of economics really. See there are 1 billion Negroid in Africa and the London banking needs a Judas Goat to lead them Blacks  into the belief that England is their massah.

So Prince Harry, who is James Hewitt's son, no matter what fake blood tests say by the crown, as who do you think Harry looks  like,  his red haired father or jug ears Charles?

I will  always be my mother's son

The day Prince Charles told Harry that James Hewitt was not ...

In a compelling new biography, Prince Harry is revealed as idolising James Hewett, the soldier who many unfairly whispered was his true father, not Prince Charles (pictured).

With that cleared up,  Diana's  bastard was told to put his cock to good use and find himself some darkie which would be good for business. It it not like Harry has to stop having homosexual relationships like before, as he can always give the Quadroon a cardboard box to play in or maybe get her some fried chicken  as  Harry goes off to show his penis nether male regions.


 Harry all you had was youth, as you look like syphilis on a corpse, 
you have no appeal for panda daddy anymore,
so get an Island Girl who wants the White man's world.

There really is not much job description for the  just in case son. Charles brother, Andrew, put his penis in a fat red headed slut and that did not go so well, so when you are the kid who was born in case the king dies, you don't have a great deal of stock, so you get the culls or find a genetic prostitute for your Bank of England to loot billions of of Africa.

Kate you have to grimace more so Hars thinks we really are racing

See it doesn't take a great deal of space to say Bastard Boy got stuck with the Quadroon to expand the bank account as the Pound is so boring when all you have to look at is the above in the retarded offspring of Diana running for all he is worth, his brother the King acting like he is running, and Kate is just jogging along to show the retard is being let to win.

Well you go to give him something as the prize is the Quadroon and Charlotte and King Sonny Boy get to spend all the money.

Let's sing because Wog Sex is.........well the wedding night only British Nature is interested in.

Out of Africa and into the Quadroon

What some billionaires will do for money.

Elton John Island Girl 1976 - YouTube

The first Leg of the 1976 "Louder Than Concorde(but not quite as pretty)" Tour took Elton and his band through the UK and this was the second night at Earl's...


Let us all go Kick Melania Trump in the Hospital Bed

No you can't make the First Lady put on a 90 pound pack
to see if she is healthy...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you will not have any idea what was wrong with Melania Trump or have any idea of what was done to her in hospital. It does not help when something like the Palmer Report seeks to exploit a woman in recovery  in promoting rumors that something is wrong.

After this quote of this horrid electric rag, the Lame Cherry will explain in layman's terms what is going on with Melania Trump.

Something has gone very wrong with Melania Trump, and whatever it is, Donald Trump’s White House doesn’t want you to know anything about it. In a development that’s bizarre and disconcerting even by Trump-era standards, Melania disappeared into the hospital four days ago for what we were told was either kidney surgery or a kidney procedure, but she’s still in the hospital even though she was supposed to have been released by now – and despite growing questions from the media, no one involved is willing to say what’s going on.
We all know someone who has gone into the hospital for what was supposed to be routine procedure, and ended up having to remain longer due to complications. But if this is the case, all that Trump’s White House would have to do is say so. If her kidney issue has turned out to be more severe than expected, all her people would have to do is say so, and she’d gain points in the sympathy department.

I will  not use the medical terms as they get in the way, but instead tell you what is up with Melania.

In examinations or in discomfort, women discover cysts or tumors, sometimes in kidneys or ovaries. When they are small like the size of a BB, nothing is done with them, But when they are over 3 centimeters, the diagnosis is to treat the patient.

What was done with Melania is she was sedated, then an incission was made, and a small scope was fed through a vein into her kidney.  Once there an blood clot was induced medically, like a cork to stop blood flow to the cyst or tumor, which without blood flow shrivels and is reabsorbed back into the body.

Patients sometimes have nausea from this, fever or other non life threatening conditions, but they are kept in hospital as this is a blood clot and discomfort has to be monitored, as you can not have some complication arise as people always think they are out of the hospital and do not have to stay in bed.

Melania said she feels fine. So she did feel fine. Perhaps though she did have some discomfort afterwards as this cyst or tumor began to shrivel. She is in the hospital as it is necessary and it is really creeper for pricks to publish reports on things and have zero medical understanding in themselves or their stories as to what actually is taking place, as Melania Trump is in the normal period of recovery. People react differently and her cyst or tumor might have been larger or her body is processing the remnants slower.
This is not some rub some dirt on it and run it off thing.

That is what is up with the First Lady. Yes I pick on her Marionette fallacies to make a point, but I will always defend her from this kind of bed ban banging torture which the left gets off on.

Nuff Said



What part did the US Treasury have in spying on Donald Trump for Obama?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In January of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, just before Donald Trump was sworn into be President, Paul Wood of the BBC, wrote a most intriguing article in the BBC, therefore MI6 knew the Robert Mueller investigation which was to be foisted on America by Rod Rosenstein was  a farce.

There were though damning revelations in this article by the BBC, because the British actually knew what was in the redacted files which the FBI and Justice are hiding from Congress.

It all begins with the Peter Strzok meeting in London, based upon MI6's Christopher Steele's Pissgate dossier which was beginning to permeate through American intelligence.

Steele paid Russian intelligence agents for the information in the dossier. It was typical of all intelligence misdirection in 90% farce and 10% fact. That is why James Clapper kept stating, "We have verified part of the dossier". That is by design to keep the deluded believing that gold is at the end of the rainbow.

This operation though was run out of Theresa May's MI6. There is no doubt about this, as this was her mole and this was her intelligence web in Russia which was pumping this misinformation out for Fusion GPS.

At the same time a joint taskforce, which includes the CIA and the FBI, has been investigating allegations that the Russians may have sent money to Mr Trump's organisation or his election campaign.
Claims about a Russian blackmail tape were made in one of a series of reports written by a former British intelligence agent, understood to be Christopher Steele.
As a member of MI6, he had been posted to the UK's embassy in Moscow and now runs a consultancy giving advice on doing business in Russia. He spoke to a number of his old contacts in the FSB, the successor to the KGB, paying some of them for information.

Do not forget in this, that Fusion GPS was first contracted by Marco Rubio's campaign. Rubio was a Bush player who was supposed to be Jeb Bush's Vice President. This was Rubio's bonafides in he was supposed to take out Trump and be rewarded as VP.
When Jeb Bush failed. the dossier was resurrected by back payments from the Clinton and Obama operatives, and was reseeded to John McCain and John Podesta, as the FBI and CIA already had working copies.

The opposition research firm that commissioned the report had worked first for an anti-Trump superpac - political action committee - during the Republican primaries.  

The backdrop of this two part operation from MI6, was to make this about money and sex, great blackmail issues in Moscow to control Donald Trump. The East European was the Baltic states and their president who ended up employed in America is the one who fed the money laundering information to John Brennan to convince Brennan this was a  two pronged operation, which required Operation Crossfire Hurricane to mute.

Back in August, a retired spy told me he had been informed of its existence by "the head of an East European intelligence agency".

 John Brennan was given a digital recording of East Europeans and Russians providing stage theater, which Brennan took as fact, in the conversation was about Russia sending payments directly to the Trump campaign as he was their candidate.
This is what set Brennan off and is the most interesting part in all of this, because in all the leadership of the Obama group, MI6 understood that John Brennan was the weak link and he was the dupe to dump all of this fake intelligence onto, as Brennan would go berserk and meddle in the US elections.

Last April, the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.
It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created.

This is where the BBC reports get into more details and are interesting in they contacted active CIA officers, who did reply, and they stated they were told THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE TAPE. Meaning the CIA was told that there was audio and video of Donald Trump with whores in Moscow and St. Petersburg, on different dates, and both were dealing with sex.
None of this Christopher Steele, MI6 or paid Russian FSB agent accounts have produced one recording of Donald Trump in his BVD's, so therefore it was all here say, and it would have surfaced by now, and if the Russians had blackmail material on Donald Trump, then Donald Trump would not have been blowing up Russian mercenaries or beating up Putin in the press non stop.
It is what the BBC stated in not running the story, in they had not received any verification, meaning tapes, so they did not dare move on with the story.

As a side note, this is why Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal appear, because those forces who were convinced of the Russian pissgate recordings, brought these two women forward in order to keep this story alive, in the hopes of laying the groundwork of these FSB claimed recordings appearing in the future to destroy Donald Trump.

Later, I used an intermediary to pass some questions to active duty CIA officers dealing with the case file - they would not speak to me directly. I got a message back that there was "more than one tape", "audio and video", on "more than one date", in "more than one place" - in the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow and also in St Petersburg - and that the material was "of a sexual nature"

Again the BBC in January of last year, already had outed Obama braggarts detailing this Operation Crossfire Hurricane. It will stun most of you to know that this was not just the CIA and FBI, but John Brennan had assembled the US Treasury, DNI, NSA, DOJ and do not brush by the Treasury, as Treasury is Secret Service, as Treasury is IRS. This one notation mentioning Treasury was involved in this task force means John Brennan had already without warrant gone though all of Donald Trump's finances and  tax records.
Treasury had the tools to look through all of Trump's financial records to find that claimed Russian money.

This is important to understand in Robert Mueller has been said to have gone through Donald Trump's finances and this is proof that he obtained from the earlier investigation Treasury data mining of Donald Trump.

The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice. For the foreign and intelligence aspects of the investigation, there were another three agencies: the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency, responsible for electronic spying.

Again the BBC drops another bombshell in this, as we now know for certain that all of this information was on Barack Hussein Obama's desk sometime around January 10th of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.
FBI's James Comey approached Trump about this afterwards, but we know for certain that John Brennan and Peter Strzok dumped this into Obama's inner circle, and the Obama response was to have Susan Rice of NSA issue her infamous "by the book email" to herself, and it is why this entire tainted fake intelligence blew up as although John Kerry is not mentioned, it is at this point that Kerry at State, moved numbers of these files to democrats in Congress for this coup against Donald Trump.

The entire executive branch had been weaponized against Donald Trump by January of 2017 and these zealots all believed this fakery. It is why Evelyn Farkas went off the reservation as all of these subordinates were having things confirmed which were fiction and Kurt Eichenwald was being told the same fiction and the cross chatter in all of this was spiking a hysteria as everyone was talking about something which there was zero evidence.

according to the New York Times and Washington Post - these claims ended up on President Barack Obama's desk last week, a briefing document also given to Congressional leaders and to Mr Trump himself.

The first rays of reality in the BBC report appear in this article when reasonable minds from the CIA begin explaining the Russians inflate stories a great deal and the Russians love a good soap opera, but in listening to them the CIA officer quoted below knew the story was fiction as it was so off the wall.
The whore story was designed to give the sex appeal to the salacious tale, which money laundering would not have held the attention for John Brennan or John McCain.

The specialist went on to tell me that FSB officers are prone to boasting about having tapes on public figures, and to be careful of any statements they might make.
A former CIA officer told me he had spoken by phone to a serving FSB officer who talked about the tapes. He concluded: "It's hokey as hell."

Still the Obama comrades and Clinton confidants could not believe they had been played yet then, as Michael Morell and Michael Hayden both were convinced that Trump had been duped or was a useful tool of Moscow.
As Morell began a few months later in 2017 to receive feedback, he concluded he had been had by all of this, and soon faded from the headlines as he realized what garbage all of this was.

In a New York Times op-ed in August, the former director of the CIA, Michael Morell, wrote: "In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr Putin had recruited Mr Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."
Agent; puppet - both terms imply some measure of influence or control by Moscow.
Michael Hayden, former head of both the CIA and the NSA, simply called Mr Trump a "polezni durak" - a useful fool.

What is disgusting in all of this, is the BBC had this all figured out months before Robert Mueller was appointed. All of this has now been confirmed as a bogus cases, and Robert Mueller knew all of this and still went on destroying people's lives and disrupting the Government.

In reading this article, it stuns one's mind in how idiotic all of these zealots were. They literally broke United States laws, destroyed their reputations and their careers. They have zero credibility.

The reality in this though is, this fake dossier would have worked if Hillary Clinton would have stolen the election, as Brennan and Comey would have crucified Donald Trump for the Bush family, and Jeb Bush would be the featured troll with the #NeverTrumpers saying that they warned all of us. None of the information we know would have come out and the BBC reports would have remained buried and without any base of understanding as what would Baltic states and hokey claims mean without knowing the fuller details in all of this.

The BBC did a service though in the directional quotes from above in there are details which have still to come out. There are still stones to be turned over in this in Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was involved in this Operation Crossfire Hurricane and his digging into Donald Trump's finances illegally for John Brennan has not come up yet.
Is that part of what was redacted by the FBI? Did Robert Mueller obtain this illegally obtained information and not alert the DOJ who has not alerted Congress of this breach?

This is just beginning in the extent of this coup against Donald Trump being revealed in all the illegal operations which took place.


What was US Treasury Sec. Jake Lew's part in spying on Donald Trump?


Nuff Said


Lame Cherry Exclusive Interview: Karin Jess

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Editor's Note: The Lame Cherry is humbled and grateful for the appearance here of the accomplished sonic and photonic resonant and ocular  professor of sciences, Karin Jess.

LC: Thank you for your graciousness in sitting down for this interview.

KJ: Thank you for after the 836th correspondence in my pleading to be interviewed  by you, that you agreed.

 LC: You have changed over the years in our first meeting, and yet you are more beautiful than ever. You are often mistaken for the lovely Ann Archer, could you elaborate on who you are please?

KJ: I am not Anne Archer and we are both beautiful women.

LC: Is beauty really timeless?

KJ: They have also proved, both mathematically and by observation of high speed sub-atomic particles, that time is relative. Time is dependent upon how fast you are moving. These anomalies are often enough experienced by humans in "time standing still" or "my how time flies" as the human accelerates or  decelerates in heightened or sedentary periods of experience.
There is a direct connection between adrenaline and lethargy in the personal experience of time warping to the individual human. 

LC: But is there not a relevancy in the effect of distortions in the human condition speeding up or slowing down......

KJ: The Cherry Effect......

LC: As I began, this relevancy is not the Einstein misconception of "relativity", but a relevancy of importance of effect. A billion souls speeding up or slowing down in  combined revelation would produce not a static effect but a localized effect where time would indeed distort to the masses.
There would then be natural warps in location, and in effect, there would be areas in time where time not only sped up or slowed down, but in effect where time actually ceased, not a immortal feature or eternal feature, but an opening where as in a library that one could view all time from beginning to end, and slip through these envelops to enter other time slots like books on a shelf.

KJ: I thought I was the expert here.

LC: My apologies for dominating your interview with my additions of thought.

KJ: No it is quite alright when the librar......... I should not have used that description, but I meant to convey the respect that you are the one who taught me the principles of the melded currents in the space time continuum is an absolute falsehood, as there is nothing but distortions and anomalies all through matter and what is termed time. The continuous pulse of the sub atomic fields is equalized by the distortion of actual matter and time  reacting in the same fluidity as in this dimension all  is "liquid".


LC: So the law which you are reciting is that there is no law in physics. There is only position of reference and each reference is a distortion of the point and vanishing point of perspective.

KJ: Again the libr.........forgive me, the author quoting their own work.  You did write that in the 22nd century, or at least it was in the depository when I checked there last.

LC: If we could move on to the interesting perspective that you look like Anne Archer.

KJ: I really do not focus a great deal on that as you first noted the reality of a recurring signature in all  things have a pattern effect like frost, and as frost or snowflakes reappear in billions of forms, the reality is that humans repeat in sequence in "waves of appearances" as given time a profile in nature will reappear due to genetics and environmental effect.

LC: Is that what you would term yourself then is an environmental effect?

KJ: When our time lines intersected in the in 1428 who would have considered that my having blundered into a time fuse where you were collecting unicorns for transplanting to your zoo after the Mediterranean waters recede is one of the focal points of my unique time line.  To not be marooned there or extinguished like the unicorn is  now a relevancy where I can paint my toenails with Raspberry Blush and let them dry on the shores of your coming zoo after Noah got off the  boat.

LC: You are a masterful science fiction writer and sometimes it is difficult for myself or readers to read between the lines in your recitations.

KJ: Perhaps I should be the one asking the questions as I used to with your other foundling students.

LC: Science fiction is a wonderful writing accomplishment. My favorite author in Robert Heinlein never really delved into the HG Wells time machine genre, but there are may  good authors who have gone into great detail in how time could be made to stand still and actually cause the cessation and reverse of atomic principles.

KJ: Actually it is possible to diffuse an atomic reaction with a time accellerant. It is possible to move faster than the expansion of energy, and in moving faster neutralizing the expansion and in reality creating a degeneration field of reverse expansion to bring it to a static nature. I have accomplished this in several experiments which were recorded in history as 'duds'. It not my being a crusader, but an explorer of the true relativity as in the God Light which is outside the parameters of Newtonian sciences. A great deal in relation to your creating the deoxyribonucleic photon accelerator.

LC: You must have me mistaken for someone else of accomplishment.

KJ: Fiction again?

LC: Science fiction again.

KJ: Nella touched on it though when you interviewed her here in the performance theater she was creating for the underground wave structure of experimenting with mass thought and reaction amplification in the nuclear field. I tried to get her to let me borrow one of her devices so that I could prove the impossibility of  a nuclear explosion in zero time. I based that on Christ being the Light when the sun would no longer be. The essence of the theory was that the atomic clock would cease on Christ's return and without that clock, there would not be any possibility of a chain reaction. It was a great deal like your photonic DNA spiral being a restoration device which when amplified vibrated to a higher field.

LC: And  Nellla refused?

KJ: She said someone would not be pleased with her girls carrying out experiments to prove laws yet only theories.

LC: Perhaps sometimes it would be of benefit to peruse the library to examine the quantum fluidity of particles which all have the structure to oscillate between matter and wave. The mechanics which are influenced by thought and will and construct from thought to assembled molecules in structure.
The passage of matter to wave and assembled back in particular form to matter again in the transpiration of the fluidity of time.

KJ: This is what I have you around for.

LC: Regrettably I see that the time is......

KJ: Run out?

LC: More precisely and not colloquially, it is time for me to return to the future tense.

KJ: You promise to meet us for lunch and to allow me to meet the protege?

LC: KJ, you already met the protege as there were tracks of your trademark tire tread sandals in that location, and rubber tires did not exist in 1414 BC.

KJ: I was interested.

LC: Thank you Karin Jess for sitting down in this interview and yes we will meet half past the protege.