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Stephen Paddock's Double and His Magic Rifle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 As the Las Vegas Police are releasing information on Stephen Paddock while the FBI is not releasing information for another year, and in revelations posted here exclusively on this blog of a right and left handed shooter was in the hotel suite where the body was photographed, Intellihub has been making some exclusives too like the real Stephen Paddock was 6.4 with blue eyes, while the body which was examined and cremated by the Las Vegas morgue  was 6.1 and had brown eyes.

 Additionally, the eye color listed on the official state document says Paddock’s eyes were “BL” (blue), while the autopsy report says the decedent’s eyes are “brown.”

In 2010, Paddock’s height was listed as 6′-4″ on a Sport Fishing, Trapping, Hunting License registered with the State of Alaska. The information was verified with Paddock’s California driver’s license by a duly authorized fish and game vendor in the State of Alaska.

 Paddock's Alaskan Outdoorsman's License

As one ponders and makes excuses for wrong eye color and wrong size of the body, the Lame Cherry was examining some photos which have not been examined previously in the infamous metal jet fuel tanks too far away for a 223 to penetrate.

The tanks were struck twice according to official photos.  The Lame Cherry will remind readers that you were lied to in being told that Paddock tried to detonate the jet fuel by shooting at the tanks. (Jet fuel is kerosene and can not be ignited by shooting at it.) One will notice no leakage, that concludes the tanks were empty.
With that stated, in forensic examination of the bullet holes, by rim dimpling of the metal caused by and by spray pattern at a lower 60 degree angle, it proves that the firing at the tanks was from ground level to the right and up.

This is a blow up the bullet hole for the lazy who will not click on photos and study them themselves.

 With that evidence in place, the upper bullet hole is examined and thee exact same pattern is in evidence, in the firing took place from below and at a right angle.

It is difficult in cursory examination, but the bullet hole appears larger than a 223 and closer to a 30 caliber type weapon.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain something about bullets and the spray pattern above which indicates information.

A blacksmith welds by heating metal and then hammering it sometimes. When placing rivets into shovel handles or sickle sections on cutting grain, metal can be hammered, which excites it, meaning heats it up, and the metal becomes fluid and begins to spread to form a head on a rivet.

When a bullet strikes metal, it is moving very fast, and upon impact a fast heat up occurs, along with fragmentation and as one can assess from the above, vaporization occurs of the metal and jet fuel which the metal has absorbed over time.

As one can see, the bullet remained intact as the bullet hole is round. The vapor cloud on the metal indicates something though that this was not a full metal jacket bullet, but a jacketed bullet. This is important as this would indicate the small 223 if it was a soft point, would not have had the energy to penetrate the metal tank. This points to a 30 caliber bullet of higher power.
In addition, the cloud pattern or vaporization resembles vaporized kerosene, but there are indications in this that there is lead dust spray in these photos as the soft bullet turned into dust or vaporized dust.

As an M 60 firing American arsenal ammunition would be armor penetrating or full metal jacket in legal anti personnel, the above patterns would not appear. This looks more akin to the low grade Russian ammunition of the Bear line of more frangible bullets, That again points to an AK 47 type weapon, again this is the type of weapon most frequently in use by Narco latins, Muslims and Iranians, while the weapons arrayed around Stephen Paddock's or dead shorter guy with wrong color eyes suite, was running the American AR 15 civilian model.
Americans choose AR 15 platforms as it is what they are familiar with, the foreigner choose the Kalashnikov platform as that is what daddy terrorist was given to murder Americans with.

Stephen Paddock's suite was above and there is not any way that he could have shot into these tanks from below, not even with a wacko leftist Kate Steinle ricochet as the ground impact would have absorbed even more energy so no tank penetration was possible.

The tanks prove a second shooter. The autopsy proves a second Paddock.

Inquiry indicates in the matrix that Stephen Paddock is dead. Who else was on that medical examiner's table is another mystery, as who was firing at the jet fuel tanks on the ground.

Like the evidence on Stephen Paddock's door of someone was firing into the room, as he was not firing out of it.


Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

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As another Lame  Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In legal definitions, you are a 702 when it comes to the NSA, CIA, FBI and whatever host of other agencies who spy on the world. Mike Flynn is a 702 in he was perfectly innocent in speaking with a Russian Ambassador who was being spied upon, but someone in the Obama regime demanded that his name be unmasked so they could see who this American was, because Americans are not supposed  to be spied upon, and this is how Mike Flynn was destroyed in the Robert Mueller witch hunt.

All of this matters, because it goes to the heart of Representative Devin  Nunes memo which is built from the actual FBI documents handed to him concerning FISA or Federal Court ordered spying on Americans.
See, there is supposed to be a wall of separation in this, like the government can spy on the whores you talk to on the street, but has to block your face out on the cameras. What changed under Obama was everyone who was not in intelligence was demanding unmasking data on Americans if they spoke to any foreigner. With Donald Trump who had democrats and #NeverTrumpers targeting Mr. Trump, his campaign and his family, in sending Russian lawyers to Trump Tower to speak to the Trump's, that was the slight of hand in how the FBI under crooked Director James Comey began spying on Americans using a fake dossier to gain court orders, supplemented by foreign intelligence as British MI6 and yes Israeli Mosaad, were feeding their spying to the NSA in "sharing" information as is always practiced.
Allies were literally involved in this steering a Trump staffer in Papadopoulos and supplementing a narrative which would assist Hillary Clinton to be installed as President.

A very good touchstone article on the Marketswork, which prostitutes cucksevatude treehose as a source, is good background information on this, but the real guts of this is the actual government files on all of this, which basically states that in 2014 the Federal courts were having red lights going off as classified material was being breached by FBI contractors, as it was stored on FBI computers, concerning Americas who were being unmasked wholesale. The courts point to such lack of training and awareness of American law that the FBI agents were "unaware" they were breaking the law as an excuse, but when one considers that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were taking classified intelligence, and leaking it to the press, and then taking their stories and planting them into the FBI investigation into this to get Donald Trump, one deduces that closed system files at the FBI were not so closed and that everyone had access to them. At one mention in the court findings it mentions FBI lawyers were involved in the review of this information, that would be Lisa Page, so it does not matter if a contractor mentioned was in a closed system at FBI, because Lisa Page had access and was leaking that information to Strzok and the fake news, and then putting it on Andrew McCabe's desk as evidence.

The following screen grabs are damning, because while much of it is redacted, it does mention exactly who was aware that there was a  problem with misuse of FISA for three years and perhaps longer with the list of department and cabinet heads who signed off on this were:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch
NSA  James Clapper
FBI James Comey
CIA John Brennen
National Counter Terrorism Center
Principal Deputy Directors
  • Arthur M. Cummings (2004–05)
  • Kevin R. Brock (2005–07)
  • Michael E. Leiter (2007–08)
  • Geoff O'Connell (2008–2011)
  • Andrew Liepman (2011–2012)
  • Nicholas J. Rasmussen (2012–2014)
  • John J. Mulligan

Every single one of the people listed above, knew there was a problem with FISA violations, and that in September of 2016 it had been so politicized that curbs were being put into place, but by that date all hell had broken loose, as the entire Obama regime with support of English, Jewish and Baltic intelligence groups, has assembled classified information, mingled with fake intelligence, assembled it at Fusion GPS and were dumping it onto Director James Comey's desk by the mules of John McCain and John Podesta to smear Donald Trump.
This intelligence operation was designed to steal the election from Donald Trump, and then to imprison him and his supporters when Hillary Clinton was in the White House, and when that was thwarted by the American People, the fake dossier in FISA was designed to destroy Donald Trump and the reforms he was elected to accomplish.

There is absolutely not any doubt that the Obama regime knew what was taking place against Donald Trump as there was not any degree of separation in their fellow travelers.

What is revealing in this, is the court states that the FBI gains the FISA, 702 unmasking and other classified intelligence, but that it is ALL disseminated then to PRIVATE CONTRACTORS. You do remember someone named Edward Snowden in how well that turned out in keeping information secure, and that incident in  Seth Rich being murdered for copying DNC files for Wikileaks? That is what is taking place in this, in there are private citizens who are paid by the FBI to look AT YOUR DATA, and there has been a disastrous history of  this information which should never have been leaked, destroying innocent men like Mike Flynn.

The courts discovered that 85% of the unmasking were not legal requests. That is a huge politicization of the security process and privacy of American Citizens. What you are witnessing with Donald Trump and the leaks which installed leftist John Kelly as defacto president in this Junta by the DIA, is the tip of the ice berg.
You are witnessing what was done to Donald Trump and his associates which was caught, because it was accomplished by idiots. Remember what Lisa Page texted to Peter Strzok in a story she leaked was too much information and it was pointing to them. She was upset about this, but it reveals that someone else who was more intelligent was leaking classified information.
What you are seeing in Donald Trump is what is known. When one has a culture of corruption in intelligence and security which image Obama was running as his personal KGB, this apparatus was behind numbers of perhaps Congressmen retiring or perhaps a Supreme Court Justice flipping his vote for Obamacare, to only satan knows what in who was pressured by information from some geek who wanted a hand job.


There is absolutely not any way that the heads of intelligence and security did not know that Samantha Power name was involved in unmasking Americans wholesale after the courts were already involved and red flags were all over this. This is what corruption looks like and is. The worst of this is Donald Trump resigned into law this spy access which again is supposed to target foreigners, but it is targeting innocent Americans whose lives have been destroyed already and the President is not doing a thing to restore innocent men like Mike Flynn.

This is why Rep. Devin Nunes memo is so vital in this based on FBI data, because it dovetails into the above, and it is absolute proof of the high corruption in the Obama regime against the People of these United States.

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To Cook To Eat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post is not about building a Scout Alcohol Stove, as there are instructions to be found on the internet in the two models of the open bunson or the pressurized.
I have constructed both, experimented with both and evolved the pressurized design to become an absolute flame thrower. The purpose here though is to inform all of you, that you could make in your garage, with care, a dozen of these to have around which will outperform your kitchen stove and are much more user friendly as there are no moving parts to break or compressed gases to stink up your confines.

The basic parts of the compressed stove are two aluminum soda can bottoms, a paper punch, an awl or large needle, a utility knife blade, gloves, scissor, a small drill and a rivet tool which will install a threaded burr, with JB Weld.

On the threaded burr, I used a small burr and a small bolt screwed into it, to fill the reservoir base with alcohol.


I will point out that you ONLY USE ALCOHOL in this. Kerosene does not burn clean and gasoline will explode, so this is an alcohol stove, and it will produce heat like a chef stove. I am not going to post on the improved version which I happened upon, but the pressurized version will produce the most pretty flame to delight you.

You will need a wire ring to set your pan on, but enough of this, as this is not a construction of how to use lesson.

The point of this post is this stove will go anywhere, uses a quarter cup of alcohol to fill, will snuff out with a pot placed on top to deprive it of oxygen, and is light as air.

This is the point of this stove:

The five inch Comet kettle of aluminum of 50 years ago. It is about as large as placing your thumb and middle finger on both hands in a circle.
Aluminum heats up quickly and will cook any homemade packet of soup which you care to concoct.

If you can eat poison out of the grocery store in bulk, you do not need those expensive survival food supplies as they sell them in bulk, and you can bag this stuff up and head down the trail.
If you are like me and poison kills you, then you can work up small noodles or spaghetti, bouillon, dry some veggies as carrots, potatoes, celery in your oven, and in ten minutes to boil and 20 minutes soaking it, you got something called supper. Beef, ham, chicken and you got a variety.

This gem will also start some kindling, but just do not engulf the stove in fire. This will start fires and not meant to be charred in your camp fire.

In this, if you care to to obtain a heavier piece of aluminum sheet, bend it into a coffee can type size or discover some aluminum pipe of this type of glorified size, with ventilation at the bottom, set in dirt, filled with wood, and this is a hobo stove version of the 5 gallon cans they used to survive on in the camps.
I built these out of coffee cans, used charcoal and they cook very well, but the heat burns the tin to rust and ruins them quickly. I have used corn cobs in them, in two fillings and cooked eggs and french toast, the soot is extra flavor.

You should have things around that are idiot proof, meaning no parts, no complications, to warm things up on.  You should have aluminum things as they are not heavy, and they do not rust. You need things that are thin and heat up fast, for the transfer of energy quickly to your food.

I was quite the child when I designed all the improvements of this and it is perhaps some purpose now to have yourself a portable kitchen bag of some necessary tools like matches, lighters (butane will not work in cold temperature), fuels, cooking pot, cup, something to eat out of and something to clean things up with.
The above will fit in any knapsack, with enough packaged food for a week for several.



Monday, January 22, 2018

As another Lame Cherry exclusive exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is not a great deal in these David John Oates reversals on the Hawaiian Missile alert, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. If it helps, Steve Bannon is honest, Donald Trump is facing a disaster in Afghanistan. (I would state again that I have published how to cheaply win Afghanistan in less than a years time, without Americans put in harm's way.) and a reality that the police in Hawaii, on scanner communications all thought they were going to die from  a nuclear blast.
That was a mean ass nasty stunt which the liberals  pulled in Hawaii.  

Bannon did not know the resistance was going to take place, if he is that asstard along with Mr. President, then they both should look at George Soros terrorism as that is where it erupts from.

I am going to add something, because twice Bannon talks of Trumps poll numbers and then reverses into the earth saving us. Could be metaphor in the earth as a groundswell of people to save Trump's presidency or something else is taking place in a meteor or geology.

Audio of Hawaiian Missile Alert

Get on that Channel and I'll make that call - Demonic flash

Just driving around make sure it is not a drill - Did I miss that

Bravo forty copy - It was beautiful

Fix radio announcement - Make one up

Make a copy - No villian on his mother

You acknowledge - Now I'm losing it

Correct it now - Once send a terror threat

Donald Trump
Strong sovereign nations - It's sad NORAD

Marshall Plan - Face a world war

Egregious human's rights violations - The source the Sam

Based on the vision - Their power is nukes in the shed

Iranian support for terror - Hillary buried us

Fight against evil in Afghanistan - They're freaking out soon it's mine.

We want fairness- We'll beat the crime either way (libel laws)

Steve Bannon

The issue of amnesty - Can it make money

Newt was up front - Forget but I had a grin

Drive democratic party where they should not go - Hide in their shit

democrats should go to the middle - If I had gun you'll sign it hassle

We voted on this 50 times in repeal and replace - I do love you

Trump is 36% percent - Let this earth save us

That was not thought of by Republican establishment - No shit


Donald Trump winning was amnesty - Remember it's an ambush

The resistance occurred - Says they're releasing me


Those districts Republicans are own 10 percent - The lie burnished and they believe it

We understand this issue - The shits an answer

Newt was up front - They are slime

They will drive the  democratic party - What other shit

I think he is at 38% - You masturbator let the earth save us (Trump)

He's not a politician - Hillary will be bad

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Note to Jeff Sessions on "lost" FBI text messages

Hey Jeff, a selfie of Franken ass grabbing your boy butt!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

BleachBit creator, ex-FBI experts question 'loss' of Peter Strzok texts

Every cell phone has a carrier. Every carrier has a relay whether ATT or Verizon, which is monitored by 4 sources:

1. NSA
2. CIA
3. FBI off site
4. MI6 or another allied intelligence agency which spies on Americans proper as America shares data to spy on these foreigners proper

The NSA data is recorded in an operational cross reference file by AI analytics, and another storage area.

Furthermore, Washington DC is a "prime factor" location, as is New York in the United Nations, or select foreign embassies, where every signal is logged, whether radio or digital, and those locations are optically swept 24/7 in which patterns are noted.
Furthermore with super computers stored in underground skyscrapers, every device security and intelligence personnel leaving a signature in their vehicles, homes, offices and associates are recorded in text or vocals, as artificial intelligence is not a geek in a basement at Langley. If someone who is top level starts using a personal, burn phone or alternative phone to communicate, that is red flagged and it is monitored.

Pleased to help the Attorney General in overturning rocks as apparently Herbert McMaster of NSA has not shared this with him for some reason.

"This culture of leaking must stop," Sessions says ...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to pursue and prosecute anyone who leaks sensitive government information, and consider subpoenaing members of ...

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Has Jeff Sessions Solved One Crime?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is partial list of crimes against thee American People, which are still unsolved with Jeff Sessions in command after almost a year as Attorney General.


The murder of LaVoy Finicum.

The persecution of the Bundy Patriots

The leaks against Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton's crimes in stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders

The James Comey government property theft and leaks

The IRS targeting of Conservatives

The Las Vegas Massacre

The election theft of Doug Jones against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama

I do not have a great deal of faith in the below by Jeff Sessions inability to accomplish anything against his deep state cronies in the above.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be the best friend of organized crime within his office in not being able to find criminals he sees every day.

The safest place for criminals is inside the Jeff Sessions orbit.

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The Sooper Problem Of Devin Nunes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The problem with putting things in print, is that everyone knows your mistake. Take for example the Right Scoop featuring snoopermexican, now calling the damning memo prepared by Representative Nunes and, a publicity stunt.
Yes Nunes is so stupid, that he is going to create a memo that Adam Schiff, a #NeverTrumper democrat knows what is in it, and Schiff can come out and make Nunes out to be a fool, ruining Nunes and Trump too, now along with all the other Congressmen who were quoted about his document.

Nunes, who heads the powerful House intelligence community, put together the four-page memo based on intelligence the FBI showed him and a few of his staff, as well as Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee.

Why Liberty Daily featured this meandering raw assessment from snoopermexican is a disappointment and only assists those who are of the deep state bringing down Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff and the democrats keeping their mouths  shut about this, gives absolute weight to this document as it is legitimate, and they do not want to be ruined in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord elections having their opponents play their lies over and over again.

Nunes refuses to release the memo to the FBI…

I mean, that’s weird right. Wouldn’t that be the point of the memo? It’s almost.. as if… the memo… might be… a publicity stunt…

No it is not weird if one is informed that the FBI under James Comey was involved in this. All of the Obama Clinton crooks are still involved in this, in positions of power from Andrew McCabe to Rob Rosenstein.

FBI Director Chris Wray has been involved in this cover up in not handing over documents to Congress for months. The documents only were produced when Contempt of Congress charges were threatened. Chris Wray has not proven himself to be an honest Director in this as he is protecting the FBI criminals, not Americans.
Added to this, Chris Wray's FBI just "lost" important data on two of his crooked agents in Strzok and Page, whose texts somehow by miracle, like NSA documents just vanished, but in the same time frame and packages Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort's last grocery list is known.

In summation, Representative Nunes is prudently not going to hand over a document to an FBI which is corrupt, in order to provide them time to produce another cover up and talking points to deny what they were engaged in.
That is the reality of this situation, along with the reality that the FBI already knows what is in this document, as they handed over the material, and more to the point the FBI HAS NOT OPENED AN INVESTIGATION nor has it charged the principles in this in these obvious crimes.

Representative Nunes can only do what he did. Alert Congress, and then release this to the public, which will then create the political cover for President Trump to act, to demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions fire all of these criminals, and open investigations into all of these crimes of collusion, and if Sessions does not move on this, then the next step is to fire Jeff Sessions on the same cover up, and appoint someone who has proven interested in exposing these crimes, and that would be Devin Nunes as Attorney General as he is well versed on these matters already.

There is a necessary momentum in these matters, and when someone who is supposed to be on the right, creates a false narrative which helps those smearing Trump and Republicans as liars  as the Right Scoop just engaged in, all it does is assist the deep state. This is the material which Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg engaged in all of 2016 against Americans to elect Hillary Clinton. To do this for an off the wall "scoop" which the Liberty Daily then gives you a headline feed is not the least helpful, especially when it is speculation and the worst echoes of the #NeverTrumpers of 2016 who are still pulling the same coup they were two years ago.

SnopperMexican was all up Ted Cruz's taco in 2016 in leading that contingent against Donald Trump.

It's almost.......as if .....that post....might be.......a publicity stunt...

A petty pound of flesh for a Ted Cruz butt hurt who is putting a cheap shot ahead of saving America.

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